Magical realms

When you walk through the landscape, through fields, villages and cities, you see nothing magical. Only when you get to the doors of Disney World, you meet strange beings in strange outfits, strange colors and strange behavior and this all in a strange area with strange buildings. It is indeed a kind of wonderland where everything seems to be possible, all animated, all so alive and fantastic, all beyond normal imagination.

Let´s go 100 – 200 years back in time. The world was different. It was not as boring and equalized like to today. It was full of colors, full of mysteries, full of mysterious beings like dwarfs, fairies, werewolves, witches, sorceress, knights, and there were treasures, haunted castles, cursed areas, devils, gods and goddesses, saints, dragons and so on. It was a mysterious world filled with wonders and life was an adventure. The whole world was a wonderland. Instead of stupid TV shows, people were talking about stories and legends from far away countries, mysterious creatures, brave knights and great treasures.

Over thousands of years we have lived in a magical world where everything was alive and encounters with mysterious creatures could happen easily.

Today, the only thing which is alive is your pot plant in your artificial and dead “living space at home. And if you are lucky, you might meet a strange looking dog of your neighbor when you go out.

In fact, we all feel on a subconscious level this emptiness, this lack of life, this lack of magic and of mysteries. The world is dead, empty and the souls are depressed, kept alive by work and TV.  Deep inside we remember the magic of the higher realms and of our past incarnations. So, when you feel depressed, you might know now why.

The question might occur what has happened that we have lost the magic in life. This is a matter of the changing cycles of nature where mankind is asked to make new experiences with materialism and atheism, the dark age.

Now, the point is that the magical world with all its mysteries is not lost for mankind. In some way it has withdrawn itself from the material world in a way that it is harder to get into contact than before.

We have the material world and we have the higher realms of the astral world and the spiritual / mental world. When we just look at the material world with our physical senses then there is not much to see but in fact, the material world is still connected to the higher realms, especially in certain important spots or areas.

So it is left up to the seekers to open his higher senses and to take the adventure, the journey to holy places and to get into contact with the higher realms and mysterious beings.

Let´s take a simple example. Let´s imagine that you travel to India and that you visit the river Ganges. You may wonder what the people do at the river with all the ceremonies, ritual baths, burning of the dead bodies, etc. In the material world it is just a river, maybe also a dirty river. But when you explore the river on the higher planes, you discovered that it is full of bliss and life, that the goddess Mother Ganga is in charge and that in fact the river origins in the spiritual world where the gods and goddesses dwell. So you can start in the South of the river and move upwards to the North to get to its sources and you will leave the lower astral realms and getting automatically higher into the spiritual realms.

In conclusion, the wonders are hidden and higher skills or a higher perception are needed to enjoy the magic and the mysteries which are hiding behind the material appearance.

In the same way, the old deities of nature are still around and with some fortune you can meet them on the astral plane.

Besides these aspects, there is much more life on the higher planes than here on earth. Countless beings, nature which is alive, magic and mysteries everywhere and among them all you can find human souls and human spirits which appear independent from time, not in modern cloths but in everything what has been developed in culture throughout history. Time plays no role and everything is available.

This also means that there are all kinds of ancient temples, halls, holy places which might have existed once on earth but have vanished already long time ago. In the higher realms old traditions still exist. The human souls do not change as they are immortal. Only the appearance changes from incarnation to incarnation. And so you will find the hierarchies of the forces of light and darkness there, indeed all forces, all traditions in this or another way.

For a better understanding: Imagine that you and your friends are actors and that you all have played together in so many different movies. And all the costumes are still existing, hanging in the wardrobe of your dressing room. And when you have time, you all come together to wear these old costumes and to enjoy the good old times.

Indeed, you can easily change your appearance in the higher realms corresponding to your former incarnations.

So, nothing is forgotten, everything is available. It just takes some effort in spiritual training. And the appearance is just the façade which can be changed easily.

When we think now about specific centers of spirituality like Shambala, etc. then they might have existed once on the material plane and now exist on in the higher realms. And when we think about the human souls who lived and worked there, – life goes on and they reincarnate over and over again. Maybe, they come back on the higher planes or maybe they move on. Souls are not made to stay forever in one place or in one role.

In conclusion, it is very important to bring the magic back to life and to connect consciously to the mysteries and wonders of creation. There is such a richness, such an abundance in creation. Life in the material world is reduced to the minimum. We need magic to feel alive. And we need the fascination which is offered by all the great mysteries, the hidden treasures. Spiritual training is the key to the wonderland which creation really is. We need to become like children again to be in awe of the wonders of creation.