The turn to the dark side

In history we find many cases where “evil guys” turn to the light side, – where great sinners become great saints. But we find also cases where good spiritual students turn later to the dark side. This is cer-tainly an interesting topic.
Let´s start with the first case. There is a really bad guy who is violent, who kills people, who steals, who misuses people, who does not believe in anything but maybe in himself, who is quite selfish and self-centered, etc. Besides all the evil which he does, he has lots of personal power and he is extreme in his behavior. After causing a lot of trouble and chaos he comes to a point where he cannot go on like before. Something happens which cause the change. Maybe a be-loved person dies because of his evilness or he gets arrested or he is abandoned by society, etc. However, he suddenly understands that he done a lot of bad things, that all was wrong and that it is now time to turn to the light, to become a good person. So he starts spir-itual or religious practice and develops super-fast to the Saint status. He is now set in his spiritual attitude and works hard to balance his evil former behavior. And he will guide others to the Light.
This is the typical way in such a case. The development is quite in-teresting to examine. The powerful evil guy reaches the peak of his bad behavior and takes then the turn to the Highest. This is like phys-ics or mathematics. A very important point here is that the evil guy is very powerful and that all his evil deeds increased his power and motivation to turn later to the light side. After the turn, he uses his great power to make super-fast progress on the spiritual path. This is an aspect which Bardon also points at but which certain “experts” didn´t understand in the right way. The degree of personal power is important to make good progress and even when you have been a bad guy, you can use now this power for the good and for fast pro-gress. Someone without personal power has the big challenge to produce power or to increase his level of power to be able to make good progress. This is certainly not easy.
Now let´s take the second case where good turns into evil. Interest-ingly this is not comparable with the first case and its mechanism.
So there is a young guy with good intentions, with ideals to bring progress to the people, to make own progress, to grow, etc. This young man has the luck to find a teacher or school and as he is high-ly motivated he makes much progress and grows in power.
The more he grows in his knowledge and in his powers, the more he sees the dark side of the world, all its limitations. He perceives the ugly side which can be very hard to bear. Further on he tries to serve his people, to improve things, to teach them higher knowledge, to be generous, to support the good. But what he has to experience is that people are not ready for higher teachings, that they lack of understanding, lack of the will for the good and he sees that they are “dull” and selfish and just following lower desires. This causes a great disappointment in him, great, frustration, anger, hate, total disillusionment, etc.
The next problem is that he has changed his nature so much that he feels completely different from the normal people. He feels like a god among them, a god among primitive, stupid apes. The differ-ences are so big that it takes him countless energy to bear the situa-tion as he and the normal people are like two poles which repel each other, which are deadly for each other like fire and water.
All the bad emotions gather and accumulate until the level of hate is so big that he turns to the dark side with the only desire to torture and destroy what tortures him. He longs to rule like a god-king over the cattle.
The light side is perceived by him as too kind, too merciful and may-be also to weak while the dark side offers him his own kingdom where he does not need to follow a higher service or higher rules.
Eventually there is also a school or tradition of the dark side which is recruiting him now to teach him dark techniques, etc.
So he has turned to the dark side, maybe get initiations here and by his behavior he gets enmeshed more and more in his darkness of destructive emotions, of hate, of self-destruction, of losing the joy of life, etc. This is like digging your own grave. You withdraw yourself from life, from the principle of vitality. Darkness means death in the end.
At some point of this career, the “prince of darkness” is so en-trapped in all the dark energies of mind and soul that he is aban-doned by society, by creation. It is like being stuck in a pitfall full of petroleum – there is only darkness left. Quite often such individuals are locked away so that they cannot harm anyone any longer. Over a long, very long period of time, the individual goes through a kind of purification process where in the end he gets the chance to return to his original nature, back to the light.
In the end, the main point of problem is that the individual hasn´t developed the necessary levels of divine love and wisdom and also compassion. This led to his fall into darkness.
In some cases there are also former companions of the light side who try to rescue him or who will rescue him an “eternity later” after his purification process.
So the whole case is not funny at all but thoroughly dark.
Like Bardon says, there is only one thing which prevents you from falling. It is the permanent connection to Akasha by divine love. This is achieved by using the C-Y formula in the quabbalistic training. Otherwise, even high initiates can fall if they lack of these specific divine virtues – love, wisdom and compassion.
PS: The real dark side is not the same like dualistic schools. So in-deed even those schools who proclaim to belong to dark spirits do good and bad things.