The pillars of darkness

The dark side of the human world is a very important topic which everyone should understand deeply. Only when you know it, you will perceive it in its real nature behind the façade. And only when you know and see it, then you are able to protect yourself and then you can create a positive life as far as possible.

The evil or the dark side follows certain principles like everything else in creation. When you know these principles then you can understand easily the effects or symptoms which we have to face in a diversity on a daily basis.

The first principle is the negative quality of separation. Separation has natural and positive aspects but in this context I speak about the negative one.

This negative aspect occurs when a natural unity is broken up in an artificial way. So we have something which is naturally meant to be in a state of unity but for some bad reasons the unity is broken into parts which suffer from this separation and where often single parts dominate the other parts.

For example, you have a family with an underlying unity based on love. If the parents divorce, the family will suffer as the unity is broken and family members get separated.

Another example: If one member of a family becomes a tyrant who is selfish, making the others serve him, then there is also a separation and the former natural unity is broken. At the expense of the suffering family members, the tyrant enjoys his life.

The family is the basic form of community, of society. So you can apply the examples also for the bigger society. If society does not live in the principle of unity on the basis of the same values, ethics, etc. the principle of separation can easily cause an unhealthy polarity in the society where a few are dominating, following their own interests against the majority of people.

We find this principle of separation everywhere today. Instead of following the principle of unity, people are fighting each other as they perceive themselves as separated and with this as different.

Simple example: Thanks to unhealthy propaganda, women fight against men, children fight against the adults, old people fight against young people, etc. In former times people understood each other as a family where men, women, old people, children, etc. were integrated and appreciated, where each one had his position, his function, etc. and everything worked well.

So again, in the beginning of all evil there is the principle of separation in its negative aspect. (This points also at the term “diabolus”.) On the highest level it addresses the aspects of religion and power.

Independent from culture, religion, etc. there were always a few persons who had a brighter knowledge, more intelligence and more power than the majority of people. Instead of following the principle of unity where such persons would serve in a positive way their communities, they decided to separate themselves from the others. This elite follows then the aims to keep the control over the masses, to use, misuse and exploit them for their personal benefit and to support and develop only the members of the elite.

The first and comprehensive measure is always to install a simple religious belief system including punishments, the use of fears and threats but also the promise that after a life of suffering and hard work, a paradise is waiting for the “good” follower. This system presses the follower into a set of rules where he is not allowed to think for himself, to make own decisions but where he must accept a lot of limitations to his personal freedom following dogmas which he is not permitted to question. This is a real form of suppression which does not serve the individual development. It also includes aspects of slavery.

The “funny” aspect is that all these rules do not really apply for the elite. The elite knows more than the normal follower and has its own rules respectively none.

From this original and basic situation further developments have unfolded in time.

One very unhealthy invention was the idea of supporting atheism and materialism. When creation and life are based on countless simple coincidences, then there is no need for personal development, for spiritual training, for ethics, etc. Then we are all comparable with “high-tech machines” which are replaceable, which are only useful for making money and entertainment. All the negative effects of this “philosophy” we experience every day. Society and economics are only focused on money. Money is the god of atheism and materialism. And so we live in a high performance society where most of the natural-human values are replaced by artificial stuff. People are kept in a complete system of drudges, a perfectly designed slavery system. Again, the elite has a good life, is in control and uses “democracy” for their agendas very well.

Then there was another “nice” invention which is still very powerful although people are not aware of it. It is called “communism”. Communism plays with ideas of spiritual-religious teachings in a perverted sense. Again we have an elite separated from the majority of people. The people are taught that it is necessary to dissolve all differences (perversion of the principle of unity), that all people are equal, etc. There is no need for a happy family. Already the youngest children need to be indoctrinated by the state, etc. They don´t need any higher teachings for personal development but just should follow the ideal of a life as a worker in the system. Religious beliefs and spirituality are forbidden. Communism is even worse than the slavery system of our high-performance society.

Then we have the pure and most developed form of religious dictatorship where whole countries are under the control of a religion which doesn´t respect personal freedom but forces people into their belief system.

Besides these three major pillars of darkness we have certain principles which are applied everywhere:

  • Brainwashing: With psychological techniques people are perverted in their system of values and perception so that they are more than willing to follow the propaganda, the dogmas and teachings of the elite. They become “happy victims” which even fight for staying a victim and for making life worse.
  • Deficiency keeps people in the right state to manipulate them easily.
  • Bad emotions like existential fears, hate, suffering let the masses switch off their ability to question “news”, propaganda, doctrines, dogmas, etc. When people are in their emotional state, they can be easily controlled and manipulated beyond normal human behavior.
  • Keeping people busy, ill and entertained: When people are kept in conditions where they are always too busy, too exhausted and too much entertained with nonsense, then they have no time and no energy to question their situation and to make useful changes.
  • The covering method: If bad things happen which normally need a solution or justice or changes in organization, etc. and these things do not fit into the agenda of the elite, then they are covered, twisted into something “nice”, “positive”, something which simply “needs to be understood in the right way”, which needs to be tolerated, which is “wonderful”, etc.
  • If there are people who do not accept the propaganda and show criticism, then these people are demoralized by all rhetorical tools available.
  • If there is a discussion about a problem, there is no analysis, no evaluation of measures, no looking for a solution but just a polarity thinking in black and white, good and bad, etc. This is very easy and supports the process of creating opinions in people.
  • The maintaining of illusions where everything is nice independent from the reality, is supporting the growing of problems, the growing of evil which leads over time to the discharge of the anger of people who are ignored, unheard and mistreated.
  • The number of people who are brainwashed and help to sustain the evil system perceives themselves as good, doing good deeds by suppressing truths and ignoring reality. In fact they are supporting the escalation of the whole situation. So they take responsibility for the evil which is growing.
  • The idea of a happy world where all are equal, with the same attitude, the same values, where all understand each other and love solves all problems is far from reality but it is propagated. The awakening is always painful. Illusions never save anyone from the brutality of reality and truth.
  • The elite often shows itself as the philanthropic, fatherly or motherly caring adult who has to manage his “stupid” little children, the people. This nice image for the public fulfils its purpose and set people into the psychological state of ignorant, irresponsible infants which “need” guidance, a helping hand to cope with life. This is the victim mode which has been improved especially in the last years. The German canceler is called “Mum”, even by other politicians which says a lot.
  • The destruction of identity, personality and history is also a common quality of the actions of the dark side. If you have no own history, if you have no identity and no developed personality, then you can easily be formed into whatever the elite wants you to be.
  • Secret societies: Certainly also and especially in secret societies you are pressed into a specific belief system where you become “enlightened” to believe in the evil which the elite is doing. You will understand then that all the evil is necessary and in fact good.

So in conclusion, the dark side has developed amazing systems which seems to be nearly perfect.

It is up to everyone to see through these mechanism and to question everything everywhere, to build your own opinion by research, analysis, discussion and synthesis.

The evil is the test which we have to pass successfully to reach freedom! The evil helps us to grow, to understand and to become powerful, wise and compassionate.