The Pillars of Light

While the work of darkness might be quite complex as they use all kinds of tricks and illusions, the work of light might be mysterious but at the same time it is based on very simple principles.
When darkness is based on separation, then light is based on unity. And unity implicates the knowledge about the Divine as the source of life and of all souls. From the principle of unity which is underlying the whole creation, further principles arise. These are the principles of all-embracing love, divine wisdom and understanding, divine jus-tice and lawfulness, divine abundance, and they all manifest in divine perfection, harmony and beauty. It might sound trivial but in God everything is divine, the maximum of perfection, beauty and happi-ness. So when you are in God then you are happy.
I got a little bit more in detail than I wanted. So the main point here is the principle of unity which connects and nourishes the diversity of beings in creation. Love is always a matter of unity. Love is the divine force which is able to dissolve separating blockades and restoring unity and with this harmony, happiness and health. Love is the greatest medicine. From love wisdom unfolds and from wisdom understanding grows. So love has been always the key to God, to enlightenment, to all the good in creation. It is the heart chakra which the spiritual seeker has to unfold completely.
When you know the higher reality of God, of your own divine na-ture, of the divine principles underlying creation, maintaining life in all forms, etc. then you know that it makes sense to serve the Divine principles, to heal, to teach, to give, to help, to grow and in fact to celebrate life in all its wonders, in its beauty, in its mysteries. Then you know that we all are a big family and if we all serve each other with love then we all can enjoy happiness, the great values of life. Then we can be like playful, happy and innocent children, full of joy and at the same time wise masters of life who take part in the nature of eternity, of the cosmic consciousness.
When we examine these things, then we can see that the human being is on the path to unite again and consciously with the Divine Source by making countless experiences of good and bad in the material world. The realization of the divine nature in the human microcosm is the answer to all questions, to all the search in the outer world.
All the experiences we make let us grow, let us understand and making steps forward on the path. Only by experiencing good and bad happenings we can become self-responsible, self-confidence, powerful and compassionate masters of life. And this is the goal.
The bearers of the Light, the Suras as they are called in India, serve the Divine Plans for the evolution of mankind. They know the laws and they serve the laws. They follow the higher sense in everything. In the name of love and light, they offer wisdom, support, guidance, healing, etc. They represent the constructive positive principle. They serve as examples for others to give orientation and safety through chaos and darkness.
Human souls are indeed children independent how old they may appear in their physical bodies. The masters are the adults, wise old conscious children. So there cannot be judgement or prejudice but only understanding and compassion. There is not a single human soul which hasn´t made any mistakes. There is no child who hasn´t fallen. But we are here to get up again and continue the journey.
The Suras are the guides in the big kindergarten called the material world. The Suras show the path beyond the veils of Maya to discover the higher realities, the true nature of the human soul.
Live and integrate the pillars of light. Live and integrate love, wis-dom, understanding, compassion for all beings and become a radiat-ing temple of the Divine Spirit!
Celebrate life in all its beauty, joy and abundance!
Become a Sura!