The student on his way to become a master

In the article about “the master” I have written about the characteristics of a true spiritual master and I have mentioned also a little bit about the tasks of the student to reach mastery. Here I want to give some more hints for the student.

A student starts more or less as a normal human being with all its limitations, challenges, desires and problems, – as a son of duality, with good and bad characteristics, good and bad behavior and good and bad experiences. Good is good and from all the bad stuff the student has to clean and to heal himself as bad leads to bad. Bad causes lead to bad fruits and bad fruits do not make you happy or support you in anyway. Further on good is not good enough but indeed the student has to become good in all aspects of his mind, soul, body, behavior and life. What is already good has to be refined and strengthened to higher degrees of good. What has been bad, has to be transformed into good, has to be cultivated, refined and strengthened. What has not existed so far, has to be activated, nourished, strengthened, unfolded and refined. The overall aim is perfection, – drawing the full circle, total balance in mind, soul, body and life, the perfect Tetragrammaton.

So these are high aims and a normal human being would start to complain that this is simply impossible and everyone is dualistic. But we are not normal and we are not here to complain. We are here to climb the mountain, independent how high it may be. We are conscious children of the Great Spirit and with this, there is nothing which could ever stop us from accomplishing our aims. So the question is not if it is possible but how can we achieve it in best way.

The overcoming of our dualistic nature, all the bad characteristics, limitations, bad experiences, old wounds and imbalances is a great challenge and it comes along with the creation of the four pillars of the temple of the wise Salomon. Knowing, daring, wanting and being silent, – the four fundamental powers and qualities of the soul of a master or advanced student. The sanctuary as the holy inner room of the temple where the divine spirit dwells, all the mysteries of creation and the love, devotion and mystical ecstasy of the seeker.

Here is the main point that the student is still a “normal” human without any magical or mystical extra powers. So he has to face all these challenges of cleaning, healing and refining with his normal will, his belief and trust in himself and God, his normal performance, his limited level of energy. And without any extra power he is forced to use the well-known techniques of increased awareness, attention, of a strong will power to control bad behavior and desires and the techniques of autosuggestion or autohypnosis.

In fact this means he has to fight for progress and against the dark side in himself. He has to cultivate the light, the positive side in his soul. Fighting is always a matter of the fire element, of the Mars principle and with this of will power and strength. Therefore I can only recommend that the student perceives himself as a noble warrior of the light, a hero who fights against the evil, the bad, the darkness, who fights for the light, for the enlightenment, the unfolding of the light in himself, in his whole microcosm and in the world.

The noble warrior has been regarded through all times as the highest, most admirable person or attitude which a human being can take. The noble warrior is fearless, ready to sacrifice his life for the benefit of his people, ready to stand the greatest pains and sufferings without complaining, indeed ready to die for his ideals, for a higher sense. No one is greater than the noble warrior.

So taking the attitude of the noble warrior is the right approach for the student to deal with all his challenges on his way of refinement.

Later on he will be able to use all kinds of energies to support and ease his development and refinement. But before, he has to become a warrior of the light. This emphasize of the fire element, of will power and corresponding qualities is necessary and useful as the fire element is the driving force which realizes the whole progress on the path. Especially a magician has to develop very early a most powerful will plus strong trust/belief to be able to realize all his wishes, his aims.

The noble warrior is also the one who goes beyond his ego as he serves his people, mankind and God without the slightest doubt to sacrifice himself for the higher benefit of all. The main focus lies in the noble attitude, in the feeling of being a servant of the light, a warrior for the light. Blessed is the one who has experienced this in a former incarnation as he is able to comprehend the meaning completely.

I can only recommend to study the “noble warrior” attitude, also in old cultures and traditions to get a better understanding of its meaning and then to meditate and to anchor this attitude in yourself. This will help a lot to manage your spiritual development and all challenges in life.

Later as a master you attitude will change and grow to even higher degrees of perfection. Not to mention the divine aspects, etc.

Also regard the fact that a noble warrior and certainly a master are dedicated to highest virtues, – human ones and divine ones. So check your list of virtues and work on the integration, development and cultivation of all high virtues in your nature.

And remember – the path is meant to accomplish it!

A noble warrior is always successful!