The energy problem of students on the path

This is the second add-on to the article “The Master”. Imagine that you want to climb a mountain. This takes a lot of energy. So in first place you have to gather enough energy and secondly you have to organize this energy that you have enough for all steps until you reach the top.

The next thing is that if you are trained in climbing a mountain, then you have a naturally high level of energy for this project which makes all easier. But if you are not trained, then you have only a normal level of energy which makes the project more difficult for you.

The same things are valid for managing the path described by Bardon. Here you also have to climb a mountain, a really high mountain with several tops. And you have to face some difficulties: You are not trained. You do not really know the territory. You don´t know which problems, challenges or obstacles might occur and how you should manage them. And you do not know how much time, effort and energy this journey takes. So in conclusion there are many unknown factors which makes it difficult to predict the results respectively to prepare yourself in the right way for accomplishing your aims.

On this basis we can only say that as much energy as possible and available has to be gathered to increase the chance of success in the end. So it makes sense to plan generously time, effort and energy for best possible results.

For these reasons, Bardon says that the student should have a lot of energy at his disposal, – mental energy and energy regarding his soul. With this, we come to the next point. There are three possible cases:

In best case you are a mystical soul full of love and devotion for God and for undergoing the training at all costs to accomplish unity with the divine spirit in the end. Here you have a high degree of positive powers to make it.

In the second case you are a “sinner” with a lot of desires and “bad” energies. You want to leave your former life behind and transform yourself completely for the spiritual path. Here you have a high degree of lower, bad powers which you can transform into their positive opposites to make it. The high level of personal energy is crucial. Here the great challenge is certainly to transform all the bad characteristics and powers into their opposite.

In the third and worst case you are neither a saint nor a sinner but a normal person without a high level of energy. Here you have to build up by special training enough power to make it. This is in main a strong will (mind) and the positive longing or desire for mystical unity with God (soul).

Let´s take the best case which is more or less the normal case. You are a spiritual soul who longs for development and unity and so you have a good level of personal power to make it. This power occurs in main in the form of enthusiasm (fire element), the driving force which is most important for progress, and it occurs as mystical desire (water element) which feeds the fire of enthusiasm.

When you think of normal physical fire, then you know that the fire is most powerful in the beginning and loses power by time as the feeding wood is burning down, vanishing. And when there is no wood left, the fire is finished. This all means therefore that if you want to keep the fire burning over a long time, you need to supply regularly fresh wood, otherwise the fire is vanished.

The same thing is valid for the fire element of the student, the will power and especially the enthusiasm, the power of emotion of the soul. All students right at the beginning of the training proclaim that they have so much fire to pass all obstacles and to master all exercises. But in fact in most cases this fire has vanished already after a few days of training and then other things come into their minds and are more important. The result is that the higher aim couldn´t be accomplished.

The smart student knows about this problem and cares for the regular supply of food for his fire of enthusiasm but also to let it not burn too strong at once. It is better to keep a good, sufficient fire burning over a long time than a great fire for a few days.

And in best case the elements feed each other like the Tetragrammaton, the four pole magnet. This means your love and devotion (water) feed your will and enthusiasm (fire) while you enjoy the whole training (air) and all this on a regular basis of training (earth).

Further on you receive fresh energy by positive results, by mastering your exercises, by fascinating experiences, by new abilities and certainly by wonderful mystical experiences where you feel the divine virtues, powers, the divine spirit in yourself.

In the end, the student has to keep the fire alive to keep the train running.

After a while as soon as you work with the elements, you can increase will power and enthusiasm by yourself, just by accumulating the fire element in your soul and by the corresponding meditation “My enthusiasm is strong and permanent, so that I have always the sufficient power to progress on the path!”.

So in conclusion you need especially in the beginning enough good energy to make at least the first steps while later you are able to care for the right supply of power by yourself.

Already in the beginning you can do meditations to increase your personal power and I also suggest to pray for power supply by the spiritual realms. You can always ask for things you need.

Bardon suggests to create extra energy, a strong will power, by working on your negative characteristics, by fighting them and this is certainly good and useful.

In the end it is all up to you, how you gather the necessary energy to make it.

By the way, a good student can perceive himself as a noble warrior but this is not the end. A master includes the noble warrior but he is also a high priest, a king, a divine authority, and so on. So be always open for growing.