The master

Today I want to give some hints about the nature of a real master. The personality of a spiritual master is hard to comprehend for uninitiated people or better said, – it cannot be comprehended by them.

A spiritual master is comparable with a plant which is completely developed and in full bloom. The plant as well as the master has reached its state of perfection. Both have unfolded their inner plan or nature completely. The plant has grown up and is flourishing as well as the master has grown up in spirit and soul, flourishing in all his aspects.

Life with its countless incarnations provides the chance to experience all kinds of professions and positions in society. So after a lot of incarnations an old soul will have experienced itself as a farmer, as a craftsman, as a trader, as a soldier, teacher, cook, priest, monk, engineer, artist, etc. And further on as a man, woman, young, old, sick, in good health, ascetic, couch-potato, athlete and whatever. Like Bardon says, we have to take our walk through all ideas of creation.

This means for a master, that he understands all and everyone as he has made similar experiences on his own. So he can show appreciation, respect and true understanding for everything. There is no judging possible.

Further on we can imagine a master as an amazing composition or unity of all kinds of professions, including their special characteristics, powers and abilities. So a real master will have the positive aspects of a farmer, a craftsman, a warrior, a dealer, a teacher, a scientist, an artist, a priest, a king, etc. For every specific situation he will show his special attitude, knowledge and power. He integrates all the positive things in his nature, – working hard like a farmer, being skilfully like a craftsman, creative like an artist, exact like a scientist, powerful like a warrior, authoritarian like a king, wise like a teacher, holy like a priest, and so on.

A master is in fact the crown of human development. He is a master of human excellence, totally refined in all aspects, totally balanced in perfect harmony with himself and the universe, a perfect embodiment of the divine laws of creation. A master is an adult among the normal people who behave like children as they lack of the maturity of mind and soul.

A master has an admirable attitude, amazing and fascinating. He totally dedicated to God and the altruistic service for mankind and creation. In a selfless manner he works for the benefit and development of mankind. No challenge and no sacrifices seem to be too hard to take for the master. He is a selfless ascetic, hero and noble warrior in one person.

His beloved and holy ideals, he keeps in his inner sanctuary to protect it against the profanity of the outer world. He never asks for anything and pays everyone true respect. He shows the highest virtues in his behavior but also keeps silence about his maturity and authority. He is always kind and supportive, a true example for his fellow men. And he is untouchable.

It is the highest ideal of human development to become a master, a master of life, a true initiate in the mysteries of God, the human being and creation. It is our only option, – to become a master, to accomplish mastery in life, to master ourselves. Indeed we all are meant to flourish in full bloom.

For the honest spiritual student the question occurs how to reach this state of perfection. Certainly only training makes perfect. Only a systematic development based on the universal laws can lead to spiritual perfection.

Like Bardon points out, the student has to build the temple with the four pillars and the sanctuary inside. It is the temple of his mind and soul which also shows later on the material plane in the circumstances of his life. The student has to develop the four pillars of knowing, daring, wanting and being silent, – according to the four elements. The sanctuary is space of his deep love and devotion for the divine spirit. Maybe you remember that the divine spirit is always in the sanctuary of a temple, the secret room where only the high priests are allowed to enter. And then the student is asked to develop a deep harmony on all planes and in all aspects. This harmony lets him live in a centered way like a martial arts master who is always centered, in perfect physical balance, also centered in his mind for perfect actions and reactions. In the center there is God and the master who has realized the divine spirit in himself. From the center he rules his microcosm, his world. A further and most important aspect of this perfect harmony is that he becomes positive-neutral in his attitude towards his fellow men and creation. This neutrality makes him untouchable like gold or a lotus flower. And this means real freedom as it is completely up to him with whom he connects or on what he reacts. He is simply in a perfect, saturated and well-balanced state which makes him independent, free and untouchable.

I suggest to read the book “The Universal Master Key” which gives more details on the nature of a master and on the requirements of a student.

One day we all are masters of ourselves and life. Then we have accomplished real freedom, real peace and true enlightenment.