About the function of talismans

As everyone knows, talismans are small objects which a person wears to receive luck or to be successful or for protection, etc. The purposes are countless and they always deal with something, – a quality or power or influence which the concerned person lacks of.

Then we have traditional talismans, religious talismans, talismans which are based on superstition, individual ones where positive ideas and feelings are connected to and then certainly the powerful talismans which are charged by priests, spirits or initiates in general.

Basically a talisman works as soon as a person connects to it positive experiences, positive ideas and feelings “Always when I wear my … then I feel good, inspired, protected, etc.” In this case every new positive experience strengthens the power and influence of the talisman as this shows that the talisman is effective. This effectiveness increases the belief and trust of the person into the talisman which means a strengthening of the mental and emotional energies which are tied to the object, to the talisman. This can be called a personal charging of a talisman. For other persons it has no effect.

A talisman which is charged by a priest or initiate or higher spirit is certainly much more powerful and more comprehensive in its influence and effects. An initiate charges a talisman, – an object consciously with the analogue power of the foreseen purpose with respect to the higher laws. The effectiveness is programed.

Independent from the kind of preparation, talismans work always in the same way, regarding the person who wears it.

As already said, we have always the same initial situation. There is a person who lacks of something positive, a positive quality, ability or power. To balance this, he asks for a talisman. So when the person wears the corresponding talisman, it is in balance, complete.

For example a person lacks of fortune. An according talisman is prepared. The person wears the talisman and receives now fortune for its ventures.

So, what does it mean from the energetic point of view? What is happening?

The human body, including mind and soul, is an energetic structure which works like a crystal, which can receive energies, store them and supply them again. So we can say, the human body works like a battery of a diversity of energies with their specific qualities and powers.

When you think now of a green crystal, then this green crystal is a battery of green energy with the corresponding qualities, powers and abilities. Regarding a red crystal, we have red energy. Regarding a blue crystal, blue energy, etc.

In best case, a human being has energetic structures which correspond with the whole spectrum of energies and with this, with the corresponding powers, qualities and abilities. But in the normal case a human being has batteries or structures in a certain imbalance, where some colors or energies are dominant while others are missing and often the structure is also damaged or polluted, so that a good function is not given.

Let´s take the example of fortune. Fortune is connected to the Venus sphere, to green color, the water element, the magnetic fluid and further on to analogue qualities like abundance, inner peace, balance, happiness, etc. The corresponding energetic structure is in the area of the navel, a little bit below it.

Now back to the person who wants a talisman. This person lacks of a well-developed energetic “fortune structure” or “Venus sphere structure” in the area of its navel. Or this structure is damaged somehow or polluted by ill energies or blocked, etc. So for some reason there is not enough green fortune energy in the structure of the person and for this reason the person has not much luck in life.

Now the talisman is prepared. It is charged with the green water element energy according to the Venus sphere and all further qualities are regarded as well as all laws for a successful function.

The concerned person wears now the talisman. This means the talisman is now connected to the person, namely in the region below the navel, – to the center or structure of the Venus energies. In fact the talisman works now like an extra battery for the main battery in the body, to support it with power and the corresponding quality.

This is similar to the use of extra batteries, for example, for your smart phone. Your smart phone has an own battery but this battery is maybe too weak. Now you buy an extra battery which is tied to the smart phone for extra energy.

Back to the talisman. Here we have the initial problem that the body-energy-structure is not sufficient which causes the need for a talisman to balance this problem. When the person wears the talisman over a longer time, then we can observe the effect that this special energy supply to the body structure has activating effects on it. This means in this area, the structure becomes activated, cleaned, healed, refined, unfolded in a way that one day in the future, the talisman is not needed any more (in best case).

So in conclusion it is useful to understand these processes and how talismans work. I want to add that it makes not only sense to work with talismans for the well-known purposes like fortune, abundance, success, protection, love, inspiration, etc. but also to develop important characteristics regarding the refinement of the soul and the attitude of a master and you can also use them to develop all kinds of abilities as you charge here the needed energy for the purpose of unfolding the desired ability.

Further on, talismans do not necessarily have to be worn on the body. They can be also objects in your room or in your car, etc. Energy is quite independent from time and space, and once the connection is done, you can receive the positive influence also from distance. Certainly such things also depend on the program.

I suggest to use the positive influences of talismans for your benefit in life, business and the spiritual development. Indeed we should use everything which helps us to go through the challenges in life in a successful and happy way. By the way, you can prepare a talisman and then pray to God or the so-called angels, or gods and goddesses and let them charge it for your desired purpose. This is a powerful charging with great blessings. But here you certainly need a true, devotional, loving mystical attitude and a prayer from your heart. From time to time you should repeat it, respectively regard the recharging of your talisman in the formulation of your prayer.