The smart sheep

Imagine that you enjoy your life in a nice flock of sheep. Everything is fine and you are just busy with grazing the whole day. Like all other sheep you are a good soul, peaceful, kind and social.

Life could go on like this but something happens and the good days are gone. As you are a smart sheep you discover that the wolves have infiltrated your flock. Due to their perfect camouflage most of the sheep are not able to realize their true nature. Quite the contrary they believe in the positive façade and the emotional, good speeches. The wolves covered under sheepskin follow their own agenda. They had the idea instead of wasting energy in hunting the sheep to take the control over the whole flock and to simply take what they need and want without any effort. Certainly a brilliant idea and as most sheep are dumb with a good heart the flock should be easy to control.

Now, you are one of the rare smart sheep and you see through this conspiracy. You are discussing with the other sheep the best way to react. All kinds of ideas are produced in a brainstorming session.

One opinion is to train warrior sheep to defend the flock, a kind of alpha team. But somehow this is completely against the nature of the sheep.

Another idea is to mirror the tactic of the wolves and to infiltrate their pack with sheep in wolf´s skin. But this again quite contrary to the nature of sheep.

The problem is obviously the great contrast between sheep and wolves. It is the same problem with good and evil. If you are a refined, wise and compassionate soul how could you be able to think and behave like an evil person? Like a psychopath?

These ideas made everyone think deeply and in the end the smart sheep were nodding. Everyone agreed.

It seemed that the only useful solution was to fight fire with fire. So the sheep decided to get into control over a wolf and to use the wolf against the other wolves. They implemented the same psychological strategies which the wolves have applied, to cause fights among them, nourishing their selfish desires, their hunger for power. In the end the wolves turned all their energies and aggressions against each other. This caused a real war among the wolf pack. The wolves had wiped out themselves due to their selfish, psychopathic character.

The sheep had learned their lesson and enjoyed their life in freedom again.

Let evil destroy evil. Let psychopaths destroy each other. Be smart.

(Something to think about.)