The omnipresent principle of polarity

Creation is completely based on mathematical-physical principles, – on the Tetragrammaton like Bardon would say respectively on the tretrapolar magnet, the principle of polarity. This means that you cannot escape the principle of polarity.

Polarity has several levels, – from simple to complex appearances. The simplest form is what everyone knows as yin – yang, then we have the four elements with the fifth element and further on we have the positive principle and the negative one which are expressed in creation by number 8. The number 8 exists on three planes of existence so we have a polarity key of 24 poles plus Akasha which makes 25 in total. You could calculate the poles also in slightly different ways but for the moment it is not important.

I want to point here at Malkuth, the kingdom, our material world where everyone and everything can be found and met as this world is the reflection of number 1 as 10, the total.

So when we take a look at the human world of experiences then we can find everywhere all poles of polarity in smaller or bigger manifestation.

Everything which has been created has aspects of all four elements and of the positive and the negative principle and exists on all three planes (in Malkuth). The formation of the different aspects in quality and quantity is another question. The poles are often developed in a quite imbalanced way where one or two poles are dominating. We know this from the human personality but this is a general issue of all beings and objects. We live in a diversity of creatures and “objects”.

This is also true for all aspects of human life, of society, religion, politics, economics, etc.

For example let´s take an arbitrary religion, spiritual tradition, secret society, etc. We will always find positive teachings, negative teachings, dumb teachings, enlightened teachings, good followers, evil followers, dumb followers, smart followers, raw followers, refined souls, normal people, etc.

We always have the full spectrum of people, of creatures, of problems, etc. Just the composition in quality and quantity is different depending on further factors.

This means also that you find evil guys in positive movements, that you find refined souls in bad movements, that you find stupid guys in high positions and smart ones in low positions.

Light attracts darkness. Abundance attracts beings of deficiency. Sheep attract wolves. Suffering people attract healers. And so on.

It is the eternal dynamic balancing principle of creation.

And also, – the evil guys push people to awaken by suffering. Being evil needs the basis of the good. The growing good attracts predators. There are everywhere the circles of life, of building things up and destroying things, of giving birth, growing, flourishing and dying, decomposing in the end to start a new cycle of life.

In the end it makes no sense to call the outer appearance good or evil, to say this religion or secret society is good or evil because you find the diversity in them. It is more a matter of the people who give life to the shell, a matter of their intentions, of their attitude and degree of refinement.

Shells do not last forever. They are kept alive only by their followers, by their people.

And at last, the overall attitude of people is a matter of the cosmic cycle. Your expectations must follow the specific condition of the time you observe. In the golden age everything is golden. You cannot expect something different. In the dark age everything is dark. You cannot expect sunshine in the night.

So in the end you have to leave behind your projections, your preconceptions, your ideas and you are forced to see what is really there. You are forced to take reality as reality is. And this is a matter of wisdom and maturity.

Become wise!

PS: A very interesting phenomenon is that people who proclaim to fight something quite often become themselves what they are fighting. Those who fight the evil become evil, etc. There are many interesting examples in the world. We have plenty of evil people who really believe that they are the good ones.