How to make humans

When humans are born they are all naked, sweet without any specific features. They are like white paper which is used for drawings or for making books. Humans are also like clay which will be formed and painted.

Now what happens with these naked, innocent human babies?

Society takes them, forms them and dips them into the colors of culture, tradition, religion, philosophy. And then the humans are finished.

These formed and colored humans follow then specific routines. They form and color new humans, the new born babies, the little ones corresponding to their own form and color.

Humans of the same colors group while humans with other or contrary colors are kept on distance or are fought.

If the colors start to vanish then the people directly work on renewing the colors, strengthening them. All people want to stay colored.

Color offers security. Color offers identity. Color offers orientation. Color offers power. Color offers order.

But there are always a very few humans who grow beyond their colors, who don´t want to be reduced to them, who do not want to fight those with different colors. These humans have a different perception. They remember that humans originally are naked without any color, that color is something artificial and limiting.

But as all people are formed and colored it is hard to make them understand.