The problem of religion with worshipping God

This is a topic which can be directly understood only by those with a deep understanding about God, gods, the spheres and the spiritual hierarchy. On the other hand, as it is logical, everyone can comprehend it.

When you work with the quabbalistic science in combination with the spheres and the deities there, then you have a very deep and practical understanding of the different ideas and names of God in the various religions. It turns out that the revelations of God is initiated by several different deities, in main of the mercury sphere and that they offer specific terms to call on God. These terms are the so-called quantity keys of the deities. These are names composed of the letters of the cosmic language.

This is interesting and points all on the idea that the deities of the mercury sphere can be understood as the mind of the macrocosmic God.

Besides these things, the point is that according to a law of creation it depends on your personal attitude and intention which kind of deity you reach by prayer, – a positive one or a negative, destructive one.

So, when you have good intentions and you pray, you will contact automatically the positive deity. But if you have a bad attitude with evil intentions, you will automatically be connected to the negative deity which is the opposite of the positive one, being responsible for the same field.

In conclusion this means, that when you pray to “your” “God” in your religion, then you address a specific deity of the mercury sphere which is a part of God´s mind. When you have a positive attitude and positive intention, you will contact this, positive deity. But as soon as you have a bad attitude and evil intentions, it will be not this deity, your “God but the negative counterpart, the negative deity.

And this fact is the reason for the evil in religious teachings – immature, evil priests simply called on the negative counterpart and received corresponding negative inspiration and teachings.

This means that it is your choice to whom you connect, whom you worship. If you are evil then your “God”, your deity will be evil. But it is only a specific deity and NOT the representative of the overall GOD!

This also means that you should have a pure heart and positive intentions to connect not only to the positive deities but also to the overall and eternal GOOD, – God!

And certainly, when we examine religious teachings and their representatives and followers, we can clearly see the good and the evil. But evil is NOT divine and evil attitude, evil teachings ALWAYS bring evil fruits, – massive suffering!

The evil in religious teachings, dogmas is a test for every soul! The evil challenges you, asking if you have a good heart or not. And if not you will be doomed by becoming a victim of the evil which you are blindly following.

So be wise, and learn to distinguish between good and bad and follow the spiritual principle to love your neighbor as yourself.