The human kindergarten

We really live in a supersize kindergarten where only a very few adults can be found. This means that most people behave like children, following only their personal, relative truths, following their own more or less selfish desires and this all without any orientation on reality, on facts, on wisdom, on higher laws and certainly not on reason. Most people are driven by emotions, by subconscious desires and impulses, by automatic patterns of behavior and by herd mentality. Most people also lack of empathy and of the ability to consider other people and the environment for finding solutions which fit all. And most people have a focus on saving energy, – their own energy of brain activity. This means that they prefer to think in stereotypes without asking for reasons, for complex and often hidden relations. This superficial stereotyped thinking pushes only emotional, destructive behavior but does not support any solution as it does not look for reasons. Quite the contrary it even hides the reasons and just focuses on the symptoms (without healing them neither).

And certainly, this infantile behavior causes countless problems and invites evil persons in power to misuse and manipulate people.

Just imagine a kindergarten where little children should play in peace but are focused on fighting with each other in the sandbox about who is allowed to play with the shovel and who not. “It is my shovel!” “No, I was earlier here than you, so it is mine!” “If you do not give my shovel back, I will get your bucket!” And so on…. Something which no adult can bear because it is childish. But the so-called “adults” in life act this way as their souls are immature and they appear only as adults. Even those in power, the bosses, the politicians, the religious leaders, the doctors, the professors, they are mostly simply children in old bodies.

Now, when a spiritual teacher tells you that you should go beyond things like good and bad, then this means that you have to escape the kindergarten level of understanding the world, that you need to look for reasons, for real comprehension and for real solutions. This does not mean that good and bad does not exist but that it is simply ignorant to reduce problems to stereotyped thinking.

This is absolutely important to be understood by each spiritual student. Go beyond the kindergarten standard of thinking and behavior!

Especially today, the dark forces push people to get lost in this stereotype, superficial thinking to distract them from examining the real problems and from finding real solutions.

So stop thinking in terms of black – white, good – bad, racist – non racist, gender mainstreaming – man & woman, left – right, and all the other nonsense. It is all distraction from the real problems!

Maybe we cannot change the kindergarten, but we can become adults and handle things in a reasonable way. As the world is at the edge we really need smart solutions more than ever before!

And please do not get entrapped by this stupid idea that the two poles of one polarity are the same in nature and therefore equal. White is not black, blue is not red, happiness is not sadness. Doing evil things is not the same like doing good deeds. There are too many false prophets and enlightened ones today. Beware!