The fire of the spirit

This is a fascinating topic which deserves examination. There is a lot of talking about enlightenment, the activation of the energy body, about the Kundalini Shakti, etc. But so far it hasn´t been clearly pointed out that it is all a matter of the fire of the spirit, – the spiritual fire. In fact, the whole spiritual awakening is about to light the fire.

Let´s take a normal person. This normal person shows certainly activity but only on a human level. The spirit – the divine spirit – hasn´t entered the person so far and so on the divine level the person is in a potential state, in the sleeping state.

This is comparable with a machine, or a robot which is passive until the electricity supply is connected and the electric current is running through the power cords. Suddenly the robot is alive. The electric fire has made it come alive. Electricity is very much comparable with the divine fire, the electric quality of the spirit, bringing life, awakening the energy system. Fire, electricity, light, – they are all analogue.

Now let´s get back to the normal person and its normal, sleepy flow of energy in its energy system. When you induce in such a system a “high voltage” stream of electric energy what would happen?

Quite simple, you would increase the activity of all functions of the energy system. This includes also great cleaning and healing processes as well as empowerment (quantity) and refinement (quality). The higher activity and greater power would not only raise the person from sleep respectively normal human level but would also awaken higher abilities and functions which simply request the “high voltage” electricity supply.

And this is exactly what happens when you undergo the spiritual training – you induce higher energies in your system with great awakening, activating effects, including the blasting of energetic blockades, cleaning, healing, empowering and refining processes. When your system is improved in this way, your higher nature with its special functions and skills can take over. And that there exists a higher nature, is the mystery which has been passed on in all spiritual traditions over thousands of years.

Now let´s take a close look on the processes. Probably all traditions start with exercises for the Ajna chakra, exercises like concentration and imagination. The reason is simple. The Ajna chakra is the key center for activating the whole microcosm, the whole energy system. The Ajna chakra is the center of the mental fire element which has naturally a good connection to the fire of the spirit, – the divine fire, the fire of the soul and the fire of the body. The Ajna is also the center of mastery, the master attitude. It is the center of initiating change, transformation and awakening.

So, the student does exercises with the Ajna chakra which increase and strengthens his mental fire, the more this happens, the more spiritualized this mental fire becomes, indeed it refines to the fire of the spirit. With this fire, the student activates the pineal gland, which is the seat of the third eye, connected to the forehead chakra in the center of the forehead and to the air element. The pineal gland has again a key role in the whole transformation process and the activation of it by the Ajna is natural as both are directly connected.

Then the activation process continues, including all main chakras and the special chakras like the crown chakra – cosmic consciousness, enlightenment and the heart chakra – divine love, unity.

The root chakra has also a key role as it is the lowest center of the fire element, the earthy fire. Here is the point that in this center the divine fire, the fire of the spirit is hidden and sleeping. It is the fire of the earth. This fire is awakened by the fire of the Ajna, respectively of the crown chakra. It is the Shakti, the sleeping spirit in matter. And here we see that it is all about spiritualization, to raise the energy system to the level of the spirit.

Once the Shakti is awakened, we take part in the spiritual fire of the earth and in the spiritual fire of heaven, of the great Spirit, God. We are purified and refined by the great fire of the Spirit.

At last a few words about the Great Spirit, God. It is perfectly represented by the cosmic letter A in the quabbalistic science. So, its nature is space, air and the electric fluid. And this is all connected to light, to enlightenment, to power. So, when we work practically with the letter A, we can feel the spiritual “storm” rushing through the whole system, through the soul. This is truly a powerful experience, a mind-blowing experience.

In conclusion, we see the important role of the spiritual fire for the spiritual development.