Old soul – young face

When we think about a magician or an adept then the image of someone like Gandalf appears, someone who is super old, white hair, long beard and many wrinkles.

But this is just the common idea of an adept. In fact, there are many adepts who look younger than they are because they have a great charisma and they are highly vital.

Then there is also the case that many old souls incarnate who already show a great maturity together with higher spiritual skills without long training or high age.

This means, you can meet a young boy or a teenager who shows more spiritual progress than you after twenty years of hard training.

In conclusion, it is not a wise attitude to ignore old souls, their powers and wisdom only because they might have a young physical body.

The right attitude is humbleness and respect. We always need to be humble, open, grateful and respectful towards older souls who have a message for us.

Imagine Bardon incarnates, you have already a physical age of 65 and Bardon is just in the physical age of a child. What would you do? Ignore him because he is a child? Or get on your knees, touching his feet in devotion and humbleness?

To speak for myself – it would be my honor to go down into the mud before him to show my deepest love, devotion, humbleness and gratitude for all that he has revealed to the world. For me it is equal if he appears physically as a little child, a boy, a teenager and it would not matter how old I would be. Only the maturity of the soul counts.

So in the end – don´t behave in a stupid way in front of an old soul. It can be quite embarrassing for you.