The polarity of the elite and the normal people

If you want to understand what is going on in the world, why certain things happen, why we experience so many problems then you have to study the polarity of the top of society and its basis.

Like in any other polarity both poles need each other, feed each other and are in permanent interaction.

Now there are a few different cases. In the positive case the elite and the people understand each other as poles of a higher unity, the family principle where the leaders feel responsible for the wellbeing of all people and the people are willing to follow the leaders for the benefit of all. Then we have the negative case where the elite feels itself separated and independent from the people. The natural-positive and lawful higher unity is broken. The elite is misusing its power, exploiting people, limiting them, and trying their best to keep them under control. The people are suffering, are not happy but also lack of understanding their situation. In parts they are fighting against the elite.

In former times or in better times it was an honor to be a leader, a ruler, a king and it was an honor to serve the own people. Later the higher human values vanished more and more, being replaced by money, power and selfish values. So the things changed in an unhealthy way. Today we have an elite which has a kind of allergy for normal people, for the masses. It is a kind of love-hate, more a hate with dependency.

Imagine you are a pig farmer and you have masses of pigs. You hate their grunting sounds. You hate their stench. You hate seeing them rolling in the mud. You hate them appearing in big crowds. You hate everything about them. And you enjoy to kick them, to hurt them, to torture them, to treat them bad. It gives you satisfaction when they grunt from the pain you cause them. And enjoy when they are slaughtered. The hate you feel for them knows no limits. On the other hand you feel that you are depending on them, that you are forced to continue your life as a pig farmer, that you are forced to nourish yourself from the pigs. You despise them for being just stupid cattle without any real sense in life.

This is exactly the way bigger parts of the elite perceive normal people – as stupid, ugly cattle with no right to live, no higher sense than being exploited, misused and slaughtered in the end.

The elite is far away from normal people. They live in a totally different world with own laws. Their conditions of life are completely different, their thoughts, needs and wishes are different. They are completely different. This total separation from “normal” life conditions causes also the lack of understanding of normal people. All connections are cut off.

The only problem the elite has is that they depend on the people to maintain their life style in abundance and that they have to keep control over the masses as otherwise the elite would be easily destroyed by the great amount of people.

These two needs forces the elite to hide their true (negative) nature, to entertain people with an official stage play in all fields of life as a red herring and to keep them limited in all aspects so that people stay powerless.

So the elite is always busy with the following questions:

  • How can we increase and maintain total control over the masses?
  • How can we hide ourselves as those who cause all the suffering from the anger of the masses?
  • How can we distract the masses from what is really going on? Which forms of entertainment are useful? Which propaganda is needed
  • How can we keep the masses busy so that they have no energy and no interest in unfolding their higher nature, making dangerous research and becoming powerful?
  • How can we refine our systems of exploitation and slavery to reduce resistance and increase compliance?

The answers to these questions are:

  • Hiding of the elite and their agendas behind an official democratic façade where the political marionettes are blamed and replaced instead of the puppeteers. The democratic system is the perfect protection for the elite as it makes the people believe in their own power which is in reality nonexistent. The political leaders, the marionettes are well-chosen by the elite, offered to the public and by propaganda elected. And as the democratic system is based on the principle of separation, it is based on fighting different ideas instead of bundling the energies on aims which serve higher, common ideals.
  • Installing and supporting the atheistic-materialistic philosophy which is indeed deadly, reducing people to material machines without any higher sense in life than to work hard and to consume. Career is only possible in the slavery system without chance to escape and to accomplish freedom. Freedom is only a quality of the elite.
  • Misusing religion to limit people in thinking, feeling and behavior, also to misuse them for destruction, killing and war.
  • Establishing a form of medicine which is not meant to cure people but to make them pay and to keep them ill respectively to increase their level of illness continuously.
  • Social experiments to examine the success and limitations of mental, emotional and physical torture, conditioning and brainwashing.
  • Installing of educational systems to produce useful workers instead of free thinkers.
  • Breaking of common human values and ideals and replacing and perverting them to break the human nature and social structures like families.
  • Causing chaos and artificial problems to keep people busy, distracted and breaking them.
  • Inventing artificial threats to mankind like new diseases, pseudo-disasters of nature, etc. to keep people in fears, make them pay higher taxes and keep them under control by their emotions.
  • Causing artificial wars for “positive purposes” which bring uncountable suffering to people and increasing wealth and power of the elite.
  • Robbing and enslaving people by exchanging artificial values against real values.
  • Creating official societies and secret societies to gather willing followers and supporters of the evil system. The followers are attracted by satisfying their desires for power, wealth and secret knowledge or by pretending to follow higher ideals and serving mankind.
  • Misusing all positive institutions for the hidden agenda. Pretending the best intentions while taking action in the contrary way.
  • And so on.

The elite consists in main of the so-called Asuras, the kings of the material realms which want to maintain their own god-human status and kingdom without uniting with the Divine Spirit on greatest distance to the spiritual realms. In contrary the Suras, the servants of Light work on awakening the people, on empowering and enlightening them to become free and self-responsible. So it is no wonder that quite often those persons who work for the higher good get persecuted, socially blamed, economically destroyed and often even tortured and killed. Not only the elite is merciless but also the normal, conditioned, brainwashed people easily and quickly destroy what does not fit into their artificial belief system.

However it is, most important is to understand this principle of polarity, the dependency of the elite on the people, their fear of their power, their need for stage plays, hiding and entertainment, their hidden agendas, etc. It is important to understand that the real power lies in the hands of the people, but only when people understand themselves as ONE unity, ONE power with ONE goal. Only then people can cause changes, positive changes.

And it is super important that people never ever will be able to cause any beneficial changes by using the tools of the system of the elite. As long as you are in the system, you cannot reach freedom. You can vote for different presidents, different political parties, you can hope and pray but it will never has any beneficial effects on your situation. Politicians will always tell you what you want to hear and they will always do what their puppeteer makes them to do. And they will always apologize and say to you that it was necessary or that others are guilty. And you will agree and hope for better times.

So in conclusion we need real changes in thinking, in understanding ourselves, our life purposes, our true nature and then real changes in all aspects of life.

We are those who we are waiting for. As soon as you understand this, you can become active and work on positive, beneficial changes.

Understand that you are the son or daughter of God, that you are the real superman or superwoman, that you have the power to change the world, to make it a better place for all of us.

And when you have understood this, then unite with all the other sons and daughters of God, with all the other supermen and superwomen. Only united we are strong.

Remember, the elite has no mercy. For the elite you are just a pig meant to be slaughtered.

Remember your true and divine nature and your right for freedom, for love, happiness, for the joy of life.