The bird in the cage

Today I saw birds in a big cage in a park. I was sitting in front of the cage and watching the birds flying around and chirping. People are so unconscious in general that it is already amazing. It reminds me of the Stone Age men like we imagine them as ape-like stupid guys grunting without any sign of intellect (which is certainly nonsense). So how can someone with a brain put birds into a cage? In fact only without using the brain. “Oh there is a bird. Oh it is nice. I want to have it. I put in the cage!” Stone Age style. Someone with empathy can never put a bird, a being of freedom into a small cage for selfish entertainment.

How would a human being behave condemned to live in a small cage until it dies?

Probably a human would get depressions and kills itself or dies of diseases. Living in a cage is pure torture.

The cage is a general symbol of limitations in life which torture us, which make us suffer.

So the question is, if we cannot escape the cage how do we react to these conditions, these limitations which keep us in an artificial unhealthy life style instead of enjoying a natural life where we feel good?

Regarding the outer bad conditions we can easily fall into depressions and suffer to death.

But there is also an option. We are not limited in drawing happiness from the outer life conditions. We can draw happiness and peace also from our inner being, from the divine core. And this is the point, to become independent from bad events in the material world and to rely on the inner happiness, the inner peace and beauty. When we nourish ourselves directly from the divine source then we are in this world but we are not from this world, like Jesus said. Then we enjoy freedom even when we are forced to live in a cage.

God makes free. God makes happy.

And when you are happy and nourished from the inside, from the divine source, then you can manage all challenges in the material world much better. Then you can change things for your benefit.

So we should not let ourselves be limited in the good from outer conditions. Quite the contrary we should light the divine flame in us to make the outer darkness vanish.

This is one big aim in the spiritual development to connect to the divine source and to experience the state of happiness, of saturation with all the good. And then you experience true freedom. And then you are “detached” from the (bad) events in the material world.

Even in the smallest cage, the bird is singing.