Spiritual guidelines for the reformation of the religions

Imagine you buy cloths and you wear them day by day over years without cleaning them. Your cloths get dirty. You grow out of them. They do not fit your present needs anymore and so on. As you know this does not work. You must change and wash your cloths and get new ones which fit your present needs.

Further on you and your cloths are not of the same nature. Cloths are made for you to serve you. You are not “made” to fit into cloths or to serve them.

These things sound trivial but they aren´t. This example mirrors perfectly the human being with all inventions and structures like culture, society, politics, economics, traditions and religious beliefs. All these aspects of life fulfil certain purposes and they are created by humans for humans. Further on they are always corresponding in their appearance to the specific time, location and situation of the people. So they depend on the specific context in history. The human being must be in the focus while all the human inventions are secondary and subordinated. If this relationship changes, something is wrong as the human being is not meant to fit in and to serve relative “cloths”.

All in all we see a necessity of permanent checking all human inventions if they still fit the set purposes of service for the benefit of all or if they need to be cleaned, healed, improved or replaced. These necessary processes are active in all human fields. Everything is in change and improvement. The only exception are religions. Even if we assume that religious teachings are inspired by the Divine, they are made and interpreted by humans. And this offers much space for questionable teachings and practices. Further on each religion is a matter of its context in time and situation. The human factor and the dependence on the situation in their creation makes it necessary to check religious beliefs and to improve them like all other human creations.

As we can see, there exist many different religions. Some are younger, some are older, some are more peaceful and tolerant then others. However how they might appear and which focus they have, all religions origin in what we call spirituality, the knowledge about the highest divine being, about creation, the laws of creation and the human being as the child and representative of the Highest Divine. Spirituality is the core of religion. Spirituality is based on eternal and absolute principles which are acknowledged and practiced. Spirituality is based in main simply on all-embracing love which is a matter of the principle of divine unity which is underlying creation in its diversity. With love wisdom, compassion and selfless service come along. We are all members of one great family.

The various religions are the cloths of spirituality. The Highest Divine is beyond any human limitations in thinking and experience and it can never be limited to one single religion or belief. God loves all his children without any conditions.

Now we have the situation that not all religions mirror the spiritual core but that their teachings got corrupted with a focus on serving the elite instead of the benefit of all people. This is a matter of the principle of separation which goes against the divine principle of love and unity. It is the original evil principle which has led to all the problems in the world and all the suffering.

We have to overcome this negative, destructive principle and we have to reinstall the divine principles of love, wisdom and unity in all religions. We have to emphasize these positive values for the benefit of mankind and creation.

Now we come to an important point. The global elite missuses the negative teachings of religions to suppress people and to cause wars which leads to suffering. The global elite can only stay in power and control as long as they can sustain the principle of separation in the religious beliefs of people. Once the principles of unity and love are emphasized and practiced by people, there is no chance to cause war, hate, violence, aggression, etc. and without them, people won´t suffer anymore but will appreciate each other and cooperate for the higher benefit of all.

So for the higher good for all people worldwide and as a matter of real love for God and God´s creation we have to check on all religious teachings and traditions to clean them from destructive, separating, unholy, manmade teachings. God is good! Evilness has different sources!

The aim is very simple: We separate the true spiritual and good teachings from the manmade and bad teachings.

What are true spiritual teachings?

They follow the principle of unity, of all-embracing love, compassion, wisdom, all-mercy and they pay respect to all laws of creation, the spiritual evolution of the human soul, etc. Spiritual teachings are universal and absolute in nature. Spiritual teachings emphasize the free human will, the respect for each other, the appreciation of life.

What are good teachings?

Besides the spiritual core teachings every religion has positive, good teachings which appear in form of traditional habits, rituals, etc. which have positive effects on the followers. They are manmade, relative and good. They offer identity for the followers.

What are manmade teachings?

Pure manmade teachings with nonspiritual purposes but only meant to maintain certain structures in society, in parts regulating social life and justice. They do not belong to religion as they serve only the worldly rulers, the elite and their hidden agendas. They are in main questionable and limited and not beneficial for people. They follow lower purposes.  Manmade teachings are often also completely illogical respectively they are contrary to the real spiritual teachings. For example it is said that God is all-loving which is a spiritual teaching. But then the manmade teachings say that God hates someone who does not follow the manmade teachings, etc. This is illogical and a matter of making God acting like a human being. Manmade teachings also often go against the common sense as they want to push through interests of the elite against people´s interests.

What are bad teachings?

Bad or evil teachings call the followers to violence, destructive behavior, to separation, war, killing, torture, etc. They are teachings from the dark side, causing suffering. Evil teachings are also those which misuse good teachings, which declare relative manmade teachings to absolute teachings directly from God, which limit people in their freedom, etc. Teachings which use psychological techniques to brainwash people are also evil. So-called historical narrations of evil events proclaiming to be good or holy are also evil.

When we follow these four simple aspects in checking religious teachings then we can differentiate quite simple and fast and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here it makes sense to mark evil teachings and to explain why they are evil. The same makes sense for pure manmade teachings. The spiritual core teachings should be emphasized and certainly more good teachings can be integrated.

Representatives of the religions should do this checkup, cleaning, healing and improving work for their religious texts. And they have to enlighten their followers to implement these positive changes for the benefit of all.

Further on it is necessary to explain all religious people that everyone has the possibility to get to know God by spiritual training on a universal standard. This spiritual training has often been hidden in the so-called inner teachings which were different from the pure exoteric teachings. But today we cannot afford this luxury anymore to hide the higher teachings and spiritual training from people. Meanwhile it is a question of the survival of mankind as the dark forces are growing. If the dark side will become too strong, the elites will destroy all religions and replace them by their own.

I will be glad to reach out to those who are willing to work on the reformation on their religions. In the name of the divine love we have to cooperate to realize paradise on earth.

Please contact me! Please share this!

In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole

Founder of the Sura Academy

for Holistic Spiritual Training