The Knights Templar´s Art of Healing

The Knights Templar are a mysterious order for sure. There are a lot of legends about their secrets. One special secret I want to reveal today. It is not about physical treasures or spiritual teachings. It is about healing which can be seen as one of the most precious treasures, – a treasure of great value.

We can read in the bible how Jesus healed countless people with all kinds of diseases and problems. He was very busy as a healer and as a spiritual teacher. The bible also tells how people witnessed the healing treatments of Jesus. It is written that Jesus was not treating patients like a normal healer or doctor like we could assume. Quite the contrary his way of healing was not visible, indeed mysterious, suddenly happening and often experienced as wonder. Physical treatments or actions were not necessary. It happened in a different way.

Jesus healed simply by touching his patients or by being touched. He healed by asking God to provide healing or he used his unity with the Father to heal directly in the name of divine mercy.

We can say that Jesus healed with the power of the Divine Spirit. This passing on of Spirit to his patients rebuilt the original health of mind, soul and physical body.

What most people do not know is that Jesus taught his followers how to heal in the name of God. So the first Christians were great healers too. Jesus gave the order to go out into the world and to bring healing to the suffering people.

Much later the first Knights Templar were initiated into the spiritual teachings of Jesus and his art of healing. They used their abilities to heal the pilgrims which they have sworn to protect and they certainly healed the wounded knights after the battles.

The connection with the Spirit of God gave the Knights Templar their marvelous power, their sense for justice and their strength in the battles. But it was also this Divine Spirit who provided the incredible success in spiritual healing.

Today many mysteries seem to be lost forever. But the glorious order of the Knights Templar still exists and their art of healing is still practiced.

If you want to know more about this way of healing for yourself or your beloved ones, then please contact me directly.

With warm regards,