The value of life

When we think about human beings then it is normal that humans grow up in families, with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, etc. It is also quite normal that children learn from adults, from the older siblings and parents. It is also normal that all humans communicate a lot and have feelings, certain needs, etc. We can say that the human being needs family and community to feel safe and to grow up in a good way. On the other hand if family is missing, if a child has to grow up alone then it has big problems.

These thoughts are quite simple to understand. When we examine animals, higher animals but also all kinds of normal animals with social structures, then we can say that exactly the same is true like it is for humans. An animal child needs his animal family and community to grow up in the best way. If it lacks of parents of community it has to face big problems in life or is directly threatened by death.

Now we have this “human extra case” of factory farming where animals have no other quality than for making money as fast as possible. In the industrial form of animal keeping, the animals have no family, no community, no origins but they are only alive for the purpose of being sold for money. Life is not money. Life is not trading or being something which is traded. So this concept is very negative. The animals in the factory farming do not experience the natural qualities of life.

What factory farming means for animals, is our high performance society for the human being. Humans have today only a value as an equivalent to money.  If a human cannot work any longer, he has lost his value. Real life is different.

And what we are not really aware of is the factory farming of plants and trees. Especially the trees have evolved spirits as they can live very long. Normally trees grow in natural woods like humans and animals they have their “parents”, their brothers, their community, their friends. They communicate, they share their needs and fears, etc. And now think about how our forests today look like, – factory farming with a lot of tree orphans which have no chance to develop in spirit, which have no community. And this is also true for all the crop plants.

The human being shows no respect to his own species, nor to the animals and not to the plants and trees.

We have lost the meaning of life. All that counts today is simply money. This is very sad. We have to increase the awareness about all these more or less hidden aspects of life, – the real value of life.

Although all beings in the material world have to die one day to be reborn in another time, we cannot go on like this. We cannot reduce a living being to a product for trading and profit making.

All the native people worldwide have been showing great respect towards all living beings and to the earth itself. Life was holy and taking the life of a being was only allowed for food and regarding self-defense. These were lawful times of harmony and the celebration of life itself.

We must come back to this standard.