The god-mode

The term “god-mode” or “god-modus” is known in main from video games but it is also used when you hack a system gaining total control of it. Besides the god-mode there are a few other special modes, depending on the video game for example the destructive berserk-mode and then the normal player mode which is characterized by countless limitations.

All these video games are developed on the basis of the human experience of life. In life things can be quite normal or easy but also really challenging, super hard. In the video games we have the corresponding difficulty levels. In the god-mode we leave all these limitations and problems behind and we become omnipotent. Everything is possible, including flying, going through walls, having unlimited life energy, etc. So indeed, somehow these ideas reflect the world which we experience as normal limited human beings in all difficulties and which we can experience in a kind of magical god-mode where suddenly the limitations are canceled and “wonders” are possible. This “god-mode” is accomplished by long spiritual training. Everything is a matter of the law of analogies.

The term “mode” or “modus” is very interesting and of real value. We are often in a kind of modus. The term includes a specific state of mind, a specific attitude of the soul and specific behavior, and all this normally in a specific situation. “Modus” is similar to “role”, the roles we play in life, but modus describes much better what is happening.

In fact, we can say that most of the time, we are in the “normal mode” where nothing special happens, just routine, maybe quite boring. But depending on the situation, we have to face, there are other modes which are much more interesting and fascinating. Imagine someone is threatening the life of your children. Then you get easily and quickly in the warrior mode where your powers grow beyond normal limits, where you are totally focused, where you are ready to fight without fears and where you take action fast. It is simply a completely different feeling, a different experience of yourself, a different modus. Or a different example,- you are in a competition and you are in the winner mode. Everything in you is programmed for winning, for total success. You feel and you know that you are the winner. You know that you will overcome all obstacles, that you have unlimited power. There is simply nothing which could stop you.

All fields of life offer such modes where you are completely in the “flow”, where everything fits perfectly and where you experience yourself in different ways, going beyond normal limitations, feeling empowered, focused, inspired, etc.

These experiences are similar or comparable with the “god-mode”. Your unity with God can have different degrees. Even when you are in a permanent unity, a state of permanent enlightenment, then this can be seen as a basic degree which can be increased to levels where you completely forget about your human personality or where you focus on specific virtues of God or specific states of divine consciousness. You can also take on specific deities or god-forms. These are all modes, god-modes. And in such god-modes you change in mind, in soul, in behavior and in experiencing yourself and the world. It is a fascinating topic, especially when you experience these things practically.

In the spiritual training, you will get to know countless special modes where you experience the diversity of the Divine and of creation.

And remember that God experiences himself in all beings, in all creatures as individuals.

We simply can be everything. We can take part in the nature of everything.

It is useful to observe consciously when you change your modus and which effects this causes for mind, soul, behavior, maybe physical body and the experience of yourself and the world.

Maybe at last, – in the spiritual practice we assume god-modes for higher tasks, to show divine authority or to realize something from a higher state. Imagine a normal person gives you a command. What would you do? Now imagine that this person turns into a king with powerful charisma and asks you kindly to do something. These are simply differences.

In general it is good to enter a mode consciously and also to leave it again consciously. We have to adapt to the needs of the specific situation we enter.