Practical differentiation of energies

When you read old books respectively old teachings from certain sources then you find more or less strange terms and differentiations of energies as well as of energetic bodies of the human being. In main this is simply a reason of intellectual discussions which lack of practical experiences and use. The intellect is always good in inventing things which completely lack of any practical relations to reality. The more complex theories are developed, the more initiated and mysterious people seem to be. But we are not here to expand the ego or to lose ourselves in wonderful intellectual ideas. We are here to get to know reality and to work with reality in a most useful way. So I want to differentiate here the main kinds of energy for a good understanding of their nature and useful application.

Let´s start with the law of analogy. In fact we can find all different energies on all planes with differences in frequency (fine – middle- raw) and corresponding different effects according to the specific plane which is examined. So for example, we have on all planes the fire element, – the expansive, active, hot, fiery state of energy. On the highest plane with the highest frequency and highest quality, it is the almightiness, the divine fire. On the mental plane it is the will power. On the astral plane it is the power of assertiveness. On the level of the material body, it is the heat, the warmth of the body, the red prana of the root chakra. And in the material world it is the fire which we all know.

Besides these analogies and logical differences corresponding with the different planes, we can differentiate the following types of energy:

Vital energy is used by the body to produce the different colored Pranas which have direct influences on the physical body. These Pranas have very specific functions in the body for all processes in the organs, in the whole system and on cell level. With these energies, you can cause directly physical effects like heat, cold, heaviness, lightness, etc. The colored Pranas are normally only used for healing treatments. Vital energy is used to increase the personal level of vitality and performance, also for supporting the self-healing processes, strengthening charisma, etc. Vital energy is everywhere available.

The four elements are used in main on the level of the astral body for training and development but also down to the material world to cause effects here.

Light is used normally for mental effects but also for quick and easy healing. Light is normally analogue to the mental plane.

Akasha is used in main for mental operations where time and space are bridged for an unlimited perception. But Akasha can also be used for healing, the bridging of blockades, killing negative beings (parasites), dissolving bad energies and causing harmony.

The fluids are used in main on the astral plane for magical operations but also for healing treatments.

Then on the divine level we deal with colored lights, sounds but also with feelings.

Besides these things, be aware that the human being and creation is constructed from different planes and state of energy which are interdependent and interacting. So when you influence the mental level of a human being, then this has effects on the astral and physical body as well. If you give for example a massage to the material body, then mind and soul will experience effects too. For this reason, healing should be addressed on all three planes for best results and not only on one plane.

In conclusion, for practical purposes it is good and enough to differentiate the three bodies or planes of existence, the main energies (five elements, fluids, light, vital energy) and the main applications.