Fire and Water on the path

The main polarity of creation are the poles of fire and water. It is the first polarity which is born from the state of unity.

Fire and water as a polarity are also most important to respect in the spiritual training and development. Most students are not aware of this and so their approach of the training can be one-sided. Unilateral training causes imbalances and problems with progress. Only when you nourish both poles, you will be able to realize unity in perfection.

The pole of fire deals in main with power and control, mastery. This pole is represented by the symbol of the magician, the master, the one who is powerful.

The pole of water deals in main with love, devotion, the longing for God, etc. The water pole is represented by the mystic, the one who is in love with God and creation, who is initiated in all mysteries.

Now the main problem of a spiritual seeker is that in most cases you have a focus on one pole or the other pole but to be equally focused and developed is the rare case.

So most are either magicians or mystics. But in fact, we must be both. And this is the challenge. Especially as today society suggests that “power” is bad and should be neglected. Quite the contrary, we need an empowerment of people, especially those who are willing to serve creation and mankind for positive progress.

Power, mastery, responsibility, etc. are all attributes of enlightened being. Power must be balanced by love and wisdom, the attributes of the mystic. Both poles need each other in the development towards divine unity. Power is the aspect of quantity and love is the aspect of quality. The Divine Majesty is powerful and beautiful at the same time.

The two poles of power and love are ruled by the third pole, the crown named wisdom. Wisdom is a matter of the air element. Wisdom is the power and capacity to follow the laws of nature and to apply them to cause and to maintain the order in creation. Wisdom is the true ruler over power and love.

So we have to develop ourselves in power and love, in dedication to wisdom, the crown of everything. Only then, we are able to realize the perfect earth element, the diamond, the perfect temple and expression of God in a human body.

The question may come how to develop both poles equally. When your nature is more mystical then you have to meditate about power and mastery and the necessity to develop them, this pole. And then you have to find consciously situations where you can train them, where you can increase your personal power, your fire element. You must become powerful. If you are more a magician, a man of power, then you have to develop your sense for love, for beauty, for humbleness, for devotion. You have to meditate about these things and also find situations to unfold them in your personality.

And certainly, you have to dedicate yourself to wisdom, the crown and to the idea of perfection as God is perfect and you are on your way to perfection.

We must pay respect to the four elements, if we want to realize the fifth element.