Creating fields of reality

The material world is one reality which we experience daily. Then we take part in a mental reality which is created by our mind. It is the world of thoughts, ideas, sensations and our personal, filtered perception of the outer reality. The mental reality is a kind of image of the experience of the “big” world, including ourselves, other persons and the interaction. Corresponding to the mental and material reality, we take part also in the emotional reality of the soul. All three realities are interdependent, interactive and influencing each other. Our mindset, this means our perceptions and our thoughts have big influences on our behavior in the material world. A positive mindset makes us successful and we perceive chances instead of problems. The material world is in parts like a painting book which you color with your thoughts and emotions. So in fact, much simply depends on your mental and emotional colors, on your mental and emotional reality.

In normal life, we are not really aware of these things and experience ourselves more as passive victims of outer circumstances. If the situation in the material world is good, then we are happy, with positive emotions and positive thoughts. But if the situation in the material world is bad, then we feel bad and we are burdened with bad thoughts.

In the spiritual teachings, you learn that you are not a victim of the outer world but that you can influence your situation in life with the way you think, feel and behave. This influence starts on the mental plane with your mindset. A positive, target-orientated mindset triggers the corresponding positive feelings in your soul and this leads to corresponding positive behavior which has great influences on your situation in the material world.

When we observe people then we can see that in the material world not really much happens as it is full of daily routines. The biggest part of “life” happens indeed on the mental plane and secondary on the emotional plane. We are busy with thinking all the time. Emotions are not really emphasized today as we are brain worker and social interaction has decreased. This is interesting to observe and shows how poor we became.

It is good to bring back some magic into life by starting to create consciously a useful, positive reality on the mental plane with further effects on the emotional and material plane. I call it the creating of fields of reality.

The term “field” origins from physics and often means a kind of space where something happens. It is often a kind of three-dimensional energy field. And this is exactly what we create mentally, emotionally, energetically.

Imagine you are in bed and you cannot sleep. You feel too awake to sleep. This is reality. Now imagine that you consciously change this reality into a reality of being tired and sleeping. You mentally grab this idea of being asleep, resting in bed and you create this energy field mentally, energetically and you feel how it influences you, how you feel suddenly tired, how you relax and how you fall asleep. It is this idea, this mental energy field which causes these effects in your mind, your soul and your body. It is the exchange of realities, the switching from one reality to another one.

The main point here is that you understand that you are at the moment in one field of reality and that you can switch to a different field of reality by intention. This technique has countless applications. You can enter a field which is more desirable than your present field. You can enter a field for research, for example, a field of the past, of the future, of a specific event or a possible event/ situation which you want to check. You simply step into this field, into this reality and merge with it as long as you want.

You can connect such fields also to specific objects or spaces or persons. Imagine that you have a specific armchair where you do your meditation exercises. Then you could establish a field around this armchair with the idea that you are always perfectly focused on your exercise when you sit in it. It is your defined meditation armchair, supporting your spiritual exercises perfectly.

In fact such things work on a level which is beyond normal thoughts. It is the level of intentions, of setting seeds in Akasha, of changing reality on the highest level with corresponding effects on the lower planes.

In fact, we do such things already when we follow the instructions of Bardon. “Now get into the center of the fire element, a space filled with fire element and start your breathing exercises.”

We set ourselves mentally into a new or different reality to become active there. When you understand this, then you can use it consciously. It is not what normal people think about “imagination”. It is the creation and the exchange of realities.

There are countless realities which all exist at the same time and it is up to you to which reality you connect and where you take part to make your experiences.

Become an active creator of reality! It is true magic!