The four sources of human power

Power is something essential in life, business and certainly in the spiritual development. Power is energy and the more energy you have, the more progress and success you can accomplish. But not only the quantity is important, also the quality counts and the plane where the power is active.

Now the human being works like a battery which needs to recharge from outer sources. The kind of battery and its available capacity differs from individual to individual according to training and maturity. For example, a trained athlete has a high capacity of physical power while a spiritual student can have a great capacity of vital energy due to his special training. And a coach potato lacks of all kinds of energies. He has an undeveloped battery, a weak structure which is not able to absorb and keep great amounts of energy, but also not to turn it into action.

A normal human being has normal degrees of all kinds of normal energies on all planes, so that he becomes active in a normal manner.

A spiritual student and especially a master has to develop his structure, his battery and motor to maximum degrees in quantity and quality to be able to fulfil his tasks on all planes.

Today I want to put some light on these sources of power.

The first source of power which has to be trained is the mental fire element, the will power in the Ajna Chakra. The will power is the most important driving force, the force which gives the impulse for taking action, for getting things done and also for keeping the training over years. The will power makes you so strong that you are able to win all challenges, to get up again when you have fallen and to cope with all obstacles.

The second source of power is the fire element of the soul which is located in the solar plexus chakra, in the so-called ego. It is the fire of personality, the personal power to get things done, to assert yourself, to win through, to dominate all negative influences. It is the personal power on the horizontal level of interaction with other human beings. Personal power means great charisma as you appear like a sun god with a powerful radiation. All great leaders, commanders appeared like sun gods with great assertiveness and will power. And they were able to move the masses. This personal power bears the secret of the sun sphere and the ego. Without this power in a positive form, you cannot realize anything of value.

The third source of power is the fire element of the physical body which is located in the root chakra. It is the power of the great shakti, the most physical appearance of the creative power of the universe. It feeds all other centers and sources of power.

The fourth source of power is the spirit, the electric powerful energy from the crown chakra which is connected to all other sources of power. Shiva and Shakti. Divine consciousness and divine power. The divine consciousness gives you divine authority and makes you super powerful in realizing your wishes.

At last all sources of power on the different planes of existence cooperate. The highest frequency power with the lowest frequency power and all other ones and all have their function and meaning.

The primary sources of power corresponding with the four planes of existence feed the second, third and fourth sources of power, – the air element, the water element and the earth element as centers/chakras and as structures.

Then we have a special aspect of power which is neglected today. It is the animal nature in the human being. Today we behave like we just consist of intellect and maybe some emotions. In former times the animal aspects of our nature were integrated and in best case in positive way cultivated. The animal is our lowest nature, connected to basic functions like survival, fighting, eating, reproduction, social interactions, instinct, etc. The animal includes good parts of root chakra, navel chakra, sexual chakra and also solar plexus chakra. In best case we are very passionate in a positive way, doing things with passion, with power. For this reason Bardon says that it is good when the student suffers from a lot of desires, passions as this means that he has a high quantity of “lower” power. When the student transforms these powers into something positive then he has great energy to go through the spiritual training and also to achieve his goals in life. So this animal power is quite useful and also important and it gives a certain flavor to life. If you live only on the level of the intellect life does not really happen as you live only mentally. But when you feel passion for your tasks, for life, then you really live on all planes during your incarnation. Remember life takes place on all planes while you are on earth. And when you think of warriors, martial artists, they use their lower, animal energies for powerful physical actions. And certainly if you think of making love then passion is probably not wrong.

In conclusion: It is useful to become aware of all these sources of power and to cultivate them consciously. The more power you have on all planes the better you can manage all your challenges in life and your spiritual training.

Become an ocean of power!

God is pure power!

Unite with the source of all powers!