The brilliant attitude of a master

A normal human is marked by the imbalance of the four elements in his character. One or two elements often dominate the character in general and additionally there are good and bad characteristics in different quantities and qualities. According to his imbalances the human being behaves and creates his life. The positive and strong characteristics serve his success while the negative and weak ones make him suffer and fail. In fact these imbalances limit the human being in all aspects of life.

Quite the contrary the master is characterized by a perfect balance of the four elements in his personality, ruled by the fifth element Akasha. You can imagine this by thinking of a perfect circle with four perfect sections according to the four elements and the center point as the ruling fifth element.

This perfection is reached by spiritual training but there are also masters of arts who have realized main principles of this attitude by their “outer” training. I have here all artists in mind but especially the martial artists.

Let´s think about martial artists, students and real masters. A student of martial arts shows his imbalance by the way he fights. One is maybe quite powerful and aggressive while another one is very fast. Or one is very slowly but massive while another one is able to take many attacks transforming them into counterattacks. Indeed we can examine the four elements in a wonderful way by watching people´s style of fighting. In contrary to the student, the master stays in a state of Akasha, of stillness, of emptiness and leaves this state only to response an attack using one of the elements. The natural attitude of the master is to be completely relaxed staying in high attention and when he is attacked he answers with a perfectly fitting intuitive technique according to element which the student shows. For example, the student is very aggressive – fire element – then the master gets into the air mode and evades himself from the attacks for a while. He knows that fire does not last long and the student gets soon tired. Then he gets into the water mode, catches the student and defeats him by counterattacks. This just as an example. The master invests only the absolute necessary amount of energy and effort to fight and prefers to stay in the relaxed state of Akasha. His mind is clear and reflects perfectly the intentions and actions of the attacker – perfect intuition while the student thinks how he could win or which technique he should use. And while the single student is wasting his precious energy, the master can deal with many students as he saves his energy.

So the main point is that a master stays in the natural state of Akasha and leaves it only to act or react for a special purpose and then only corresponding to the situation. And here he is able to use all four elements freely without any limitations and certainly also in perfection.

A real master can use everything in a positive way to accomplish his aims as all laws and creation are at his service. A master is in a superior way flexible in finding solutions and he receives a great holistic intuition – the perception of solutions, of ways to get things done.

And indeed these things do not really depend on the intellect or logical thinking. It is an intuitive way of living, of being an integrated part of the natural-divine order. The master nourishes himself directly from the source of all sources, from Akasha, the great Spirit. And certainly there is not a single different source which is so complete and perfect like Akasha. It is the power which contains everything.

For all of us this is the state we look for, – the state of perfect harmony, of perfect mastery, of real freedom.

But this topic provides also further interesting aspects, – aspects of the dark side. And this is fascinating to examine too.

The dark ones do not accomplish such great degrees of perfection simply because they do not undergo a comprehensive training and alchemistical transformation process. But they use similar attitudes and techniques for their negative intentions. Great examples can be found in politics but most of the politicians are more victims than anything else regarding these superior tactics. One politician I know can be called a master as she is acting like one but on a negative basis. A lot of politicians and even political parties fall victim to her tactics. The outstanding characteristic is that she does not really decide much or act in some way but she stays in this relaxed state while all others are busy – like students. She is in the center of action, untouched and in control. And she uses all topics, all events, all forces to realize her superior, hidden aims. She is open for everything and she can change her mind from one second to the next one without any problems. And this is power. And this makes her superior successful and dominant. She doesn´t care at all about opinions of others. She is focused only on her goals. She is indeed independent and not fixed at all to anything or anyone.

In fact I must pay respect to her although she is serving the dark side. Her perfection is fascinating.

When you examine history worldwide then you can see how leaders, kings, dictators, politicians of all colors have followed their aims and those who were the best psychopaths without any conscience, ready to sacrifice anyone and anything to reach their goals were most successful (as long as they haven´t crossed certain limits).

I personally find it most amazing that politicians and dark ones in general can say whatever they want and it has no real consequences respectively people do not ask for logic, for real arguments, for explanations. In fact it seems that you only need to appear somehow in a nice way using some nice phrases and that´s all. So no wonder why the earth is a wonderful playground for the dark side.

I also must admit that when I was young I have believed that people are open for reason, for logic but unfortunately people are lost in irrationality. So it makes not much sense to call on their intellects for positive changes but to look for solutions on the subconscious, irrational level.

I can only recommend to study masters, real ones, dark ones and to compare them with their students. You can learn a lot and benefit from your examinations.