The state of divine unity

I guess that this topic is quite interesting for spiritual seekers in general. The problem here is that normal people have no idea about the nature of God and with this no idea about the state of divine unity. Even spiritual students have not really ideas about God and the experience of God. And indeed the main problem is that there is nothing which can be compared for a better understanding. It is something which is unique and not available in this world. With all other experiences it is much easier. So when you taste an unknown fruit in a foreign country then you can compare this experience with former experiences of eating known fruits in your country. But on earth there is nothing which can be compared with God or with the experience of divine unity. A similar case is when you try to understand the nature of the so-called angels or better the divine spirits of the spheres. You simply cannot compare their nature with anything on earth, so it is hard to understand them without direct experiences.

So the only chance is to examine spiritual masters who have made already such experiences or who live in the unity with God. And when you examine them, then you see that they behave in a different way, that they are no longer “normal”. Indeed it seems that they are from a different world or living in a different world while they are still here. They are in parts limited human beings while they belong at the same time to eternity. They also appear in an impersonal or transpersonal way. I think this is quite strange to examine.

I try to make these very special things more comprehensible, so that you know what is waiting for you.

We have to start with the normal human being as this is the basis for spiritual development. The energy of a normal human is quite dense, slowly moving, more or less chaotic, imbalanced, not really refined. So the earth element is dominating and the person experiences himself as a body, a compact form. Therefore it is no wonder why normal people identify easily with their physical body. In this state the human is more like a lump of clay.

In comparison the spiritual student undergoes a long training of refinement, balancing, activation which leads to a fundamental transformation of his whole microcosm. This transformation is rightly called “spiritualization” which means to raise the frequency from low and dense to high and fine energy. From clay to light.

When this refinement of the mental body and the astral body is achieved then the whole energy system with all centers/chakras, nadis and structures is so fine, so powerful, so light, so high in frequency, so pure and balanced that it is indeed of a different, contrary nature in comparison to a normal human. Here we have to remember that the dense earth energy is one pole and the high energy of God is the opposite pole. In fact we move from the dense pole to the divine pole by undergoing our spiritual development – the process of refinement, of spiritualization.

Now let´s look at such a refined microcosm. As all elements are in a wonderful refined balance in quality and quantity, the nature of the spiritual master is quite airy, electrical, made of light and Akasha. With this his energy system is more open, more hollow, more space like = Akasha. It has lost its density. Now the whole microcosm and energy system is working like a vessel which can be easily filled with all kinds of energies.

Certainly you can also fill energy into a normal human but this is like filling fresh water into a muddy pool. When you give fresh energy into a spiritual master, then it is like giving fresh water into a crystal carafe.

So now we have a highly refined spiritual master who has spiritualized his nature to highest degrees. This means that his nature is very close to the nature of the divine spirit, God. And it takes only a small step to unite with him.

Now let´s imagine that the master is a vessel and his nature is space, comparable with a crystal carafe for vine. Now the crystal carafe has still a kind of cover with a hole inside so that you cannot really pour vine into it. So you have to break the cover, making the hole larger to be able to fill the carafe. And indeed something similar happens to the microcosm, the energy system of the master. The crown chakra is opened and enlarged by great streams of powerful spiritual energy, the divine spirit is entering and flooding the microcosm. Enlightenment is taking place. The divine spirit is in the (human) temple. The precious vine is in the crystal carafe.

Now you can ask what the divine spirit is. Your original nature is pure spirit. Through all your incarnations you have individualized your nature, – you have become an individual personality, an individual spirit with individual qualities. And now you are meeting the primary spirit, your origin, spirit in its purest and highest form, pure intelligence, pure being, pure power, pure cosmic impersonal consciousness.

Now when you receive this enlightenment, your personality is blended with divine consciousness, divine spirit, the impersonal mind of God. You take part in the nature of God, in the divine cosmic consciousness and you perceive things in this light, no longer from a personal attitude. And as your crown chakra is now unfolded and open you have a permanent connection to God, to the divine source of spirit. Eternity is now a part of your nature. (This all depends certainly on your training and maturity, etc.)

So divine unity means to open the gate to the divine spirit and to receive him like vine in a crystal carafe.

Now you can focus your further training on the cosmic consciousness like Buddhists do or you can cultivate and merge with all four divine virtues and later with the diversity of special divine virtues, powers and abilities. And certainly there exist different ways of uniting with the divine virtues like Bardon says.

So what is the difference now to unite with certain divine virtues instead of uniting with the divine spirit in form of enlightenment?

The enlightenment has taken place through the crown chakra, the highest center of the human microcosm. But certainly you have more center with specific qualities, virtues, powers, abilities. And here is the point to connect these specific centers with the specific divine virtue, power, etc. It is a matter of analogy and resonance.

So for example when you unite with divine wisdom and knowledge, then this means that your air element centers are flooded by divine air element energies which cause wisdom, high intuition, high inspiration, third eye vision, clairaudience, etc. So here are the crown chakra, the forehead chakra, third eye and heart chakra concerned, also the ears, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

When you unite with omnipotence, then this is the divine fire element which has great impacts on your Ajna chakra, your solar plexus, liver/gallbladder and root chakra.

Like the general enlightenment concerns the whole energy system also the enlightenment for single virtues concerns always the whole system but has only specific effects on the analogue center and structures in your microcosm.

Now let´s turn to the time factor. For everything there is a first time and the first time is always most amazing, exciting. As you continue your training, the effects of enlightenment will grow and stabilize more and more, so that in the beginning it may take some effort to unite with God but later it happens quite fast and then later it becomes a more or less intensive permanent state. This has certainly effects on your personality and your appearance in public.

When you undergo a complete and intense mystical training then you integrate all divine virtues and powers into your own nature, your microcosm. This means that you become a divine being or spirit yourself and it means that your human characteristics show up only on the surface. You have transformed yourself from a human being to a divine spirit, a real and perfect temple of God. The spirits of the spheres are now your true brothers and sisters, – you are one of them but certainly in a human body and with a different position in creation.

But certainly all these things take time and it is good to take all the time you need to make these steps without any force. Every single step of development has its beauty and is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. In fact it is good and right and wonderful to experience life as a plant, as an animal, as human being, as a spiritual student, as a spiritual master, as an enlightened being, as a god…

Life has been invented to enjoy it completely in all its facets, to experience it completely and to grow to an individual personality.

At last we become divine spirits in a body and this means that we reach positive perfection, the maximum which is possible in our development.

I hope that I was able to give some useful hints about this topic.


PS: I only want to add two things. There are cases where the divine spirit enters an imbalanced unrefined microcosm to some degree respectively the crown chakra becomes active. This is like pouring precious vine in a dirty glass. Such persons feel a higher authority and power inside themselves but misuse them for lower purposes. It is the wrong idea of being and behaving like a god. It is megalomania.

Then in the lowest form we all know divine unity/authority from the behavior of parents when they talk to their children “Do this or that, don´t behave this way, it is forbidden…!” It is this neutral impersonal authority behavior and attitude which is connected to the crown chakra.