The false idol worshipping of paper

Human beings are amazing and it is fascinating to examine how they think and behave. It is like watching little children at the playground. They are so lost in their ideas and roles that they completely forget about reality.
Since people invented paper and scripture, we have been facing the problem of the hypnotic effect of all things which are written.
Some years ago where so-called “fake news” weren´t officially in-vented so far, people had the idea that all things which were written in newspapers must be facts. “If it is written on paper, it must be real!” Meanwhile for at least some people this idea has changed. But still for the majority of people worldwide the written word has an immense power and authority. This is especially true for religious, so-called holy books. Here it absolutely does not matter if the con-tent is good or evil or if the content has a high or low quality. It also does not matter that in most cases there is nearly nothing known about the original authors. When people read a religious book then it seems that the whole intellect is switched off. And this is nearly exactly the state of hypnosis. People are overwhelmed on a psychic level which makes them blend out realism, criticism, the ability to question things, etc. Then they are in a state of a child for which everything is possible and nothing needs to be questioned or re-jected. Even worse is the behavior of protecting the “holy book” from critical people. With all measures the “treasure” must be de-feated. This can easily end in mass hysteria and brutal killing of “infi-dels”.
The paper and the written content are treated like God himself. And this simply cannot be the right way. It is the false god which is wor-shipped here in form of paper. Unfortunately most people are obvi-ously not able to differentiate between a written text with all its limitations and the great reality, the real world which knows no limits and which must be experienced.
Beware of the dead literalism! Beware of those who are hypnotized by their holy books, by man-made teachings wrapped in “divine revelations”. The merciless evil is with them.
Mankind should be mature enough to question all “revelations” and to distinguish right from wrong, high from low, good from evil.
It is an unhealthy luxury to stick to evil teachings, to the worshipping of false gods, to blindly believe all what has been written (by whom?).
All those “holy books” need to be examined and freed from the evil and the low quality contents and also be complemented with the good which they might lack.
At last I want to point at one interesting phenomenon of one of the so-called holy books. This book has in the first part mystical teachings of love and compassion and nonviolence. In the last part, it is full of war, hate, aggression. The experts say that only the later teachings are valid, so to say the evil is valid and not the divine good from the start. This is certainly an amazing statement which can make you think a lot.
And another example. There are schools of thought which call them-selves esoteric and which have “holy books” as well, highly wor-shipped by the followers of these schools. Now let´s imagine that you are an initiate with a bright practical knowledge and you read such a book without being hypnotized. And you discover that it is all imagination, that the whole content is not better but worse than a fairy tale. But the followers love it as it is an entertaining game to try to understand the “hidden truths” of these “holy revelations”.
It is really time to wake up. The world, the society is in such a bad condition that we cannot finance this luxury of staying limited, hyp-notized, dull, etc. Instead we need empowerment. We need enlight-enment. We need clarity and understanding. We need love, com-passion and wisdom. Otherwise the “holy books” won´t be able to rescue us, mankind from its doom. Doom by dullness.
People must return to the God of reality, to the real God, leaving the paper idol behind.