The finest magical equilibrium

A basic magical equilibrium is already accomplished when you are saturated with vital energy as this universal energy has balancing effects on your energy system and your personality.

The normal magical equilibrium is accomplished by charging your body regions with the corresponding element energies. Head with fire, breast with air, belly with water and the legs with earth element.

Then there are further ways to cause balance in yourself on the different planes.

One very special way to get into the magical equilibrium is to use the quabbalistic formula Sch-A-M-Ä on your Akasha plane. This is the highest, finest, most perfect way to cause balance in yourself.

Those who do not work already in the quabbalistic way, can try something similar. Get step by step in the Akasha space of the single body regions and try to manifest there the corresponding elements. Be aware that you work on the finest plane with finest energies. Here you simply fill the different spaces with the element energies. In best case you imagine for example to let the fire element spread from the Akasha center point of your head to fill the whole space which is “as big as the universe”. In the same way you deal with the other regions. Then check the results. Do it carefully.

Besides the magical equilibrium, you can use this technique also to realize mastery of the elements going out from the Akasha plane. Here you should do corresponding meditations.