The doom of religious movements

The cycle of life – birth, growing up, flourishing and the doom of religions follow natural principles which are interesting.

Let´s take the Christian religion as a good example. It all started with Jesus, the great Quabbalist, Mystic and son of God. As a high representative of the sun sphere and temple of the Divine Spirit in perfection, he incarnated on earth to restore the inner teachings of religion. His main message was and still is that we all are spirit in first place and not from any lower nature, indeed spirit from Spirit and that the law is “Love your neighbor like yourself!”. Love has always been the true message of spirituality as it remembers us on the divine unity beyond the diversity of creation. Love means also wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. It is the key for all what is good.

Now when you have such a message and when you be an embodiment of love, light and wisdom, and when you decide to descend into hell, pure darkness and blind evilness, then it is no wonder that you will be tortured to death. Darkness hates the Light. And hate has no place for Love. Understanding and compassion go against blinded justice. In conclusion in a dead material world is no place for the Spirit.

We know what has happened. Officially Jesus was tortured and killed in the worst way to maintain the evil darkness.

Now, Jesus teachings were passed on to his disciples and to their disciples and so on. We can say that at the beginning there were initiates formed by Jesus and exoteric followers who understood some points of his outer teachings but not everything and especially not the higher, esoteric teachings. And this offered much space for interpretation and the building of opinions. The diversity of opinions led to a diversity of different beliefs and different traditions which were more or less in fight with each other, all proclaiming to be the only right one and so the only legitimated one.

So far so good. Now what happens when a new religion rises? The elite becomes aware of it and the elite thinks about how to get into control of the new movement. Killing everyone is an option. If this is not possible, taking over is an option. If the diversity of movements is too big, killing and destroying the smaller groups is an option and taking over the biggest movement. No sooner said than done.

The elite during these days where the Romans who simply took over the biggest Christian movement, proclaiming that it is now the only lawful one while all others are evil, misled by Satan. This included the cancellation of all teachings which did not fit into political interests. After this content-related purge and proclamation to be the one and only, all other movements and beliefs were persecuted and annihilated.

The result is the Catholic Church which proclaims today a monopole on the Christian tradition as the only righteous belief. The original teachings of Jesus have been reduced to a minimum and the happenings have been perverted from worshipping the divine life to worshipping the tortured dead body and holding high the principle of suffering instead of liberation of mankind. The main role of the Church today is simply politics wrapped in religious cloths.

The original light has been turned into darkness, freedom into captivity.

The dark lord is ruling, and most followers and believers are not able to see this.

The essence and especially the esoteric teachings of Jesus cannot be understood by the church. It is a hollow shell.

And the true Christians are still persecuted and misunderstood today.

It is “fascinating” how easily the highest, best, most wonderful teachings are perverted into dark tools for political power and control.

Throwing pearls before the swine…..

There is a super big need for cleaning of religious teachings from all the evil darkness, the diabolic principle which spreads hate, aggressions, separation and war among the “believers”.

The Catholic Church is certainly only one of several good examples.