About initiation

Initiation means basically that you get to know something new, – a new field of knowledge or practice, new sciences, new arts, new techniques, etc. but also new states of consciousness, new perceptions, new feelings, that you make simply new experiences in general.

So on the simplest level you eat a fruit which you didn’t know so far and after eating it you are an initiate regarding the taste of this fruit. Or you visit a foreign country for the first time and then you are an initiate regarding the specific characteristics of this country.

In the religious-spiritual field initiation is normally more a matter of dedicating yourself to a specific path or religion or society and then by the initiation ceremony you become a member.

Here we can differentiate between an “external” initiation – becoming a member of a society/ making career – and the “internal” initiation – becoming initiated into higher states of consciousness and reality.

Most interesting is certainly the internal initiation. This real initiation requires a certain degree of maturity, preparation and training, transformational work and the transfer of consciousness, divine spirit and powers from a master to his disciple. The spiritual realms, also deities and masters on the higher planes are normally involved in connection with those who are incarnated in the material world.

For the moment, we can draw the conclusion that initiation means to open up new worlds of experiences for yourself. “New worlds” mean the spiritual realms besides the lower initiation into (secret/religious) societies.

On the spiritual path we can differentiate between a few important fields of initiation. We have the initiation into the human nature, the initiation into creation and the initiation into the nature of God. Besides these general fields, we have the initiation into the world of deities, the spheres with their abundance of knowledge and teachings. And we have the specific initiation into all arts and sciences, also offered by the deities, normal and occult arts and sciences. Besides all these higher initiations there are also important initiations into all aspects of human life on earth, into all what matters here. These are fields like psychology, communication, management, etc.

When we incarnate on earth then we have to face all what helps us to be successful, to make life secure, happy, to keep us healthy and to increase abundance.

And this is an important point to understand for all spiritual people. The only lawful way is to pay respect to both, – the progress and initiation into the spiritual world and into the material world. We cannot afford the luxury to neglect spiritual life but we also cannot neglect the material life which is the basis for all our spiritual work. Unfortunately, quite often spiritual people neglect completely all material aspects and by doing so they have to suffer in material regards.

We simply must focus on initiation in all relevant fields, – material and spiritual fields.