Holy books and holy people

Mankind knows a few holy books and many holy people in the different religious traditions. Everything with the label “holy” is untouchable and cannot be questioned according to the doctrine of the religious leaders.

In terms of generalization it is often proclaimed that a holy book is the written word of God or given directly by angels or a divine revelation by inspiration, written by a holy man or prophet. Books are accepted as holy because religious leaders declare them as holy. Holy books can have holy contents, – contents with higher meaning and a higher message.

And a holy man or woman is holy because an expert like a religious leader declares this or/and because the person shows holy behavior.

In conclusion, the follower of a certain religion of belief must accept such things without the permission of questioning books and persons.

Taboos can be found quite often in society, sciences and religions. And taboos are always questionable as they protect facts which are dangerous and threatening for the established standard.

Now there are two approaches regarding taboos and here especially regarding holy books and holy persons.

The normal approach is the one of the “good” follower who accepts all dogmas and taboos. The good follower completely lacks of the ability to differentiate between good and evil or high quality and low quality. And so he will justify everything without differentiation as good, holy and divine, – even the most stupid and evil stuff or behavior. The good follower is simply ignorant and immature as a soul, also lacking of intellect and heart or he is full of fears and ignores all the evil therefore. His approach of accepting everything makes his life simple, but only to the point where he starts to suffer from illogical, evil teachings or evil behavior of holy persons.

And then we have the wise approach. A wise man knows that most of the holy books, respectively their content is made by men, in best case by inspired men. A wise man also knows that holy books often contain not only positive, divine teachings but also evil teachings, misunderstandings, opinions, – all kinds of human ideas and stories. Holy books are often conglomerations of different writings and different authors, copies from older writings, etc. It is simply not the case that there is one author listening to God and writing down exactly what he has heard. And also holy persons quite often did not write down teachings but students have gathered their sayings and made books from that. In conclusion, we have again gordian knots here and additionally as the books/persons are already very old/dead, no one can verify anything anymore. It is all left to interpretation.

Now, the wise man knows these things, also that holy, inspired persons have sometimes quite normal needs or show quite human behavior, maybe evil behavior as well. And so it is not about equalizing everything and lifting everything up to the divine, holy level but quite the contrary to follow the laws of wisdom, to differentiate especially in the quality frame and to ask what is divine, what is human, what is evil, what is a misunderstanding, what are (bad) copies from former religions, and so on.

When you use the quality key for holy books and holy persons, then you are able to pick out the divine teachings, the inspiring, wonderful stories while you can leave the rest behind. Indeed, we do not need evil teachings, ugly stories or fairy tales. It is better to deal with reality. And when we work in this way, we can free religious teachings from all what is not beneficial. This will save lives and it will make the world a better place where people come together in understanding and respect to cooperate instead of fighting each other or doing evil, justified by holy books or religious teachers.

We simply must liberate us, mankind, from ignorance and unholy taboos. Only in this way we can survive and create a wonderful future for mankind.

At last I want to point again at the idea/ symbolism of the gordian knot. You can waste endless time by thinking, discussing, researching etc. and interpreting why a so-called holy person or a holy book calls for evil attitude and evil behavior or why ugly stories are held up high about blood sacrifices, incest, misuse of women as prostitutes and mistreating people of different belief. It will bring no results. So better leave the idea to untie the gordian knot and better focus on using the quality key of wisdom to take what is good and useful and to neglect what has no quality, is evil and useless.