The aspects of value and unity in understanding polarity

Recently I had to face again wonderful half-truths about the principle of polarity – like everything is equal, everything one and black and white are simply the same. This is all nonsense and I want to put some light on this topic, so that it becomes obvious where the wrong understanding comes from and how the two main types of polarity have to be understood.

In general, polarity (2) is derived from a former state of unity (1). When the ONE breaks up or unfolds itself, we have TWO – two poles which represent in their completeness the former unity. 100% divided into two means 50% 1. pole + 50% 2. pole = 100% former unity. In this form of polarity, both poles are needed for a complete unity of 100%. If one pole was missing, the second pole would collapse too. Both are interdependent and nourishing each other. The best example is the original and first polarity of fire and water, the male and the female principle or yin and yang. Here both poles have the same value and both have the same importance and meaning for creation. There is no yin without yang and no yang without yin. There is no fire without the water pole and no water without the fire pole. Both poles build together a higher unity. I call this the horizontal polarity as both poles have the same value.

In conclusion, we see here the original principle of polarity where both poles have the same value. But there is also a second type of polarity. In this second type, there is no interdependence and both poles have not the same value. Here one pole can “live” without the second pole. In fact, here one pole is vital while the other pole lacks of vitality, of power, of energy. So indeed, one pole represents a state of abundance, order and perfection, while the other pole represents a state of deficiency, disorder, imperfection. I call this type of polarity the vertical polarity as it starts in a state of abundance and goes down into a state of deficiency.

For example, we have the polarity of health and disease. Health does not need diseases to exist. Health has a value of 100% and diseases have no value. Or let´s take light. Light can perfectly exist without darkness. And we humans need what we call darkness only to be able to perceive light but darkness itself has no value. A shadow has no value in comparison to the person which is shadowing. And so certainly evil deeds cannot have the same value like good deeds as they are rooted in deficiency, disorder and imperfection while good deeds are rooted in the divine goodness, the abundance and order of creation.

In conclusion, it is very important to differentiate between these two types of polarity, the horizontal type with equal values or the poles and the vertical type where one pole has 100% and the other pole is in complete deficiency.

At last, I want to talk about the nonsense of “everything is one and with this simply the same and so polarity does not exist, etc.”. This is a statement which shows a lack of reflection on the topic, a lack of understanding and a massive lack of Viveka, the power to differentiate between light and darkness. It shows also a lack of a correct phrasing.

In fact everything can be derived from a primordial state of unity like all numbers can be derived from the number one. But creation is based on polarity, on the number two as in the primordial state of unity is no differentiation and no diversity. Differentiation and diversity are the basis of creation. So it is correct to say, yes everything is rooted in the state of unity, of oneness but here are only the roots and it does not mean that the whole creation is equal in quality and quantity. So it cannot be the same if someone is evil or a saint. The evil is in the vertical polarity far away from the state of divine abundance where the saint lives. Evil belongs to the pole of deficiency while the saint lives in the pole of divine fullness. These are really big differences.

In conclusion, please be aware about how people use words – as most people talk without real awareness – and cultivate your power of Viveka, your ability to differentiate wisely between all the poles of polarity.

Wisdom is the crown!

I must say that it is very sad how these things are mixed up in an unholy way in so-called esoteric orders, trying to present their members a superior knowledge which is pure nonsense, lacking of correct explanations and supporting evil.

May the Lord have mercy with all these misled souls!