About good and bad III

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In this third part of the topic “good and bad”, I want to talk about the aspect of the spiritual evolution of the soul and the problem that we consist of three different “natures” which are often in conflict. Although at the end of this series of discussions about good and bad, I will have covered the main aspects but probably not all. But I think and hope that my discussion can offer some useful hints for own studies.

When we take a look at the spiritual evolution of the soul of a human being, then we can differentiate maybe three main states. The first state is quite raw with a tendency to the animal behavior respectively a focus on the lower needs and wishes in the material world. The second state is what we normally perceive as human which is more balanced. The third state is the spiritual state where the human being has unfolded its higher nature, the divine spirit in itself. Besides these three natural states of evolution, we have a fourth state, the state of darkness where the soul is not in the frame of the natural order but occupied by dark beings and their dark energy.

Let us take now a closer look at these different states. In the “raw state”, the individual uses his brain, his intellectual faculties to satisfy his lower needs and desires. It is the focus on the ego, on the material world and the idea to become powerful on this level. In this state, the human being perceives himself as a separated individual who is in main responsible for his own wellbeing independent from others and their needs. The person is egocentric. In German we say that the whole world is circling around his ego like the planets around the sun. Only he and his wishes are important for him and he identifies himself in main with his physical body and appearance. He strives for power and wealth in the material world.

In this case the ego with its natural limitations causes problems together with the focus on the lower desires. Such a person lacks of empathy for other beings and their needs and this causes a lot of suffering for all those who are not as strong or clever as he is. It is the attitude “I deliberately take what I want and those who are not willing to satisfy my wishes, will be forced violently to do so.” The limited range of thinking and feeling empathy for others is indeed the main problem of human beings. Selfishness might bring results for a short time but not on long terms. In conclusion, we can say that the limitations of the ego are one main source of bad behavior and evil deeds. The balance is missing which is given only by the development of the higher centers in the human soul.

The second state of the human evolution is relatively balanced and integrates lower aspects as well as some higher. Here is the focus on the soul – feelings, experiences, interaction with others, etc. Empathy is given and the individual knows that there is more than the own ego satisfaction. On this level the human being discovers the diversity of the human world and unfolds itself. On this peak of making experiences as a human being, we face all the good and bad sides of life. It is the theatre of life like in old Greece with its tragedies, dramas, comedies, etc.

In the third state of the human evolution, the human being is unfolding its higher centers, especially heart and crown chakra which lets the individual reconnect to the Divine Spirit, the source of life. This reconnection causes higher feelings as well as a higher consciousness and the awareness of being a part of a greater unity, the greater unity of all beings of the whole creation. We are all children of the same Divine Spirit. With the rising wisdom and the unconditional all-embracing love the limitations of the ego are transcended and the individual understands everything in a holistic way where everyone and everything is included in the processes of thinking and feeling. When this state is reached, the human being has liberated itself from evil, from darkness and deficiency. This third state is the opposite to the first, raw state.

In conclusion, good and bad depends also on the degree of maturity of the human soul. You simply cannot expect selfless service for others by a young soul with a focus on the physical body and the material world. On the other hand, you cannot expect from an old soul to act in an immature, evil way.

Then we have this fourth state where the original human being is taken over by “the dark side”. The “technical aspect” is quite simple. The human being is an energy system, consisting of energy channels, energy centers and energy structures. Normally vital energies are flowing through this system. But if a human is taken over by the dark side, the whole energy system is flooded with negative energies and higher centers are blocked. This means that the soul is disconnected from the Divine Spirit, the source of life and nourished only by dark energies. In this state all kinds of evil can happen. This is certainly the extreme case but there are enough negative people who worship dark beings and get easily under their control. In “smaller” cases, people get strongly influenced by parasites who make them follow lower passions, desires and addictions. In conclusion, when you have lost the control to the dark side, then you will a be tool and victim of it for evil deeds or at least very unhealthy behavior.

Now I want to talk about the problems of our threefold nature. We are spirits in an astral body (soul) wrapped in a physical body, existing at the same time on three different planes of creation with their specific and different laws of nature. In fact, this is quite confusing for a human being and so we have to learn how to behave in the material world when we are incarnated – as we do not know this as beings from higher dimensions. To say it in a simple way:

The mind wants something, the soul wants something and the physical body wants something and additionally other people want something from you. So we have many different needs and wishes which often get into conflict with each other. For example, the intellect wants to go on with working on your studies, the physical body is tired and wants to rest, the soul prefers to have fun and your teacher puts pressure on you to get your things done. So, which need or desire do you follow in the end? In fact, at least one need will be suppressed to allow the realization or satisfaction another wish. Suppressing and forcing and ignoring are not good, not healthy and always have consequences for yourself and others.

Another, very typical conflict or problem deals with sexual needs or desires. Quite naturally everyone has sexual desires and these desires want to be satisfied. Now we have the problem that we are not animals who can easily follow such natural needs or drives but as human beings we have to deal also with other and higher levels of existence. So tradition, culture, religion and society take care that teenagers are very limited in satisfying their sexual needs to prevent pregnancy and all further effects. This causes a lot of problems.

In conclusion, it is a great challenge to bring all aspects of the human nature on the different planes of existence into harmony without hurting, suppressing, ignoring and forcing parts or needs of oneself. All these things which cause suffering are simply bad and unhealthy and they cause further problems which often need real healing or therapy.

Maybe at last – the world of deficiency and darkness has its inhabitants like the world of light and abundance. While those who dwell in the Divine Light experience fullness, those of the dark worlds live as parasites in deficiency longing for their salvation. As long as they are not redeemed, they live as evil, as the sludge of creation, the waste at the bottom with the great need for light and vitality, for transformation into beings of light, into their original nature.

It is useful for the spiritual seeker to meditate about all these aspects of good and bad to grow in understanding and wisdom.

This world needs a lot of healing, a lot of salvation and transformation.