Personality cult and neuroses

When you observe the esoteric and religious scene, then you meet quite often forms of personality cult. Personality cult satisfies the needs of many followers and also the needs of the involved person. But it is unhealthy.

Let´s put some light on this problem. We have a teacher, guru, master, prophet, religious or esoteric leader who has a unique position in his community. His followers believe in him and his special qualities as a guide, teacher or leader. The followers see in him a higher authority, a representative of the Divine, an enlightened human soul, maybe a holy man or perfect son of God.

Now we have three main cases:

  1. He is a real and perfect son of God, a high initiate, offering universal teachings for the benefit of his followers.
  2. He has some kind of religious/esoteric/spiritual education and has made some kind of experiences. He offers teachings according to his level of understanding God, mankind and creation.
  3. He has a kind of religious or pseudo-esoteric education. His ego is blinded by the desire for power and he believes that he is a chosen one although he isn´t. His teachings are a nice mixture which fits to the belief system of his followers.

When we now think about how many leaders belong to the different categories, then we can say that in most cases the personality cult is not justified at all respectively must be questioned in general. Even in the rare cases where a real and high initiate has taken the mission to teach and guide people in a public frame, the personality cult is not the right answer.

The problem with personality cult is in main that people mix up the absolute God with (in best case) his servant and representative. But this does not work and wisdom demands to differentiate consciously between the absolute God and a human individual (independent how divine this soul might be).

Imagine that there is a teacher, guru or prophet who proclaims to know the “truth” and who spreads his teachings among people and this teacher has the same status like God?!

Today there are many people who do not search for God but simply study what their chosen teacher said. They put their prophet, guru, religious leader in the position of God and focus only on what he said instead of discovering the mysteries of creation on themselves. A teacher can never be a replacement or placeholder for God and own, unique experiences of divine unity.

This confusion leads to countless big problems and much suffering.

In first place, you have to be dedicated to the Divine!

And only in second place, you should follow a (real) teacher with love and appreciation as far as he can guide you well for your spiritual benefits.

But never vice versa!

Let´s talk now about the positive secret of the unhealthy personality cult. Let´s imagine that you have found a real, enlightened teacher. Such a soul contents and radiates high divine energies, powers and qualities. He is in fact a source and expression of the Divine in human body. As a seeker, you can nourish your mind and soul from this source of divine energies by connecting to him in love and appreciation. Then you become influenced and it is easier for you to make progress in your spiritual development. In India this is called satsang. The students sit around the guru to learn from him and to become influenced by his charisma. In this way, they are spiritually nourished. In fact this is the positive worshipping of the Divine in a person. This is lawful and good.

So in conclusion, if you have found a real teacher, then it makes sense to maintain a relationship of true love to receive the Divine through him. True spiritual love is always the basis for a lawful relationship of a teacher and a student. Love is connecting both souls on the highest level and it makes the student open and receptive for the higher teachings while the teacher is able to give in the name of divine love. Such a relationship is the highest and most beautiful experience which humans can make. This is also true for real brotherhood as this is based in the same way of true love. These relationships are holy and most precious, also everlasting.

In conclusion, love your teacher but differentiate between him and the Absolute.

Now I want to talk about “spiritual neuroses”. People can get entrapped or lost in unhealthy ideas and behaviors. Independent how enlightened and refined and experienced you might be, you can behave quite normal. You don´t need any extras and any extreme behavior. In fact there is also no desire for this as you are perfectly centered in yourself.

But there are people who love and enjoy big dramas, stage plays and loud “noise” in public. They have a need or tendency to “play a role”.

The question is where this need comes from. This can be traumas or certain experiences in this or former incarnations which cause such an imbalance. But this can be also simple delusions.

It is simply not really necessary “to fight with the devil, with the dark side, with demons”. It is not necessary “to me a martyr” who is pursued and threatened by unbelievers. It is not necessary “to be on a public mission to save someone from something”.

In fact, in most cases it makes sense to examine yourself about imbalances, hurts, etc. and to check for a healing, so that you can be free and enjoy the harmony of being centered. No one asks you to experience suffering in the role of a martyr or to fight nonbelievers.

Everything is your choice.

In best case, you are able to keep a useful form of silence to protect yourself and you will do what follows a higher and logical sense in your life – your personal mission to help yourself and to serve creation.

It is very important to reflect on yourself continuously to maintain harmony and positive progress.

Know yourself!