About Good and Bad II

For CIRCES. May the Divine Love and Wisdom blossom in the hearts of men.

In my first article about good and bad, I have described this topic in a general way. Today I want to focus on the human microcosm by taking the approach from the occult anatomy and the hidden psychological processes.

Let´s start with the idea of a normal or natural human being. A human being has natural needs which are basically for a life in the material world. You need to eat, you need to drink, you need to sleep, you need to be active, you need to “maintain” yourself (hygiene), you need to socialize as you are a social being, you have a need for reproduction and you have a need to survive which implies the need to protect and to defend yourself. The higher needs are a matter of your nature as a social being. In the frame of a social community, you have the need to find your individual position, role and function. The next level of needs corresponds to your special feature – your intelligence which is superior to the creatures of the animal kingdom. So you have a need for learning, for gathering knowledge, for understanding yourself and creation. On the highest level of needs, you unfold your spirituality, the highest aspects of your nature as a human being.

In conclusion, we have a lot of natural needs which are logical derived from the human nature and the conditions of life in the material world.

The point here is that these needs include in parts destructive actions while most needs are constructive. Every being on the material plane needs to eat and besides plants and a few bacteria, all beings have to nourish themselves from other beings, – the physical shell or body of other beings. So in the normal and natural case, all beings have to kill other beings for their own survival. “Killing” means in fact to separate the soul of a being from its physical body, so that the body can be used to nourish the own physical body. This happens in a violent, destructive way. The soul, which has lost its physical body, incarnates again. This is the cycle of life. No animal has a bad conscience in this regard and people living in nature experience this as natural as well.

Besides the “problem” of nourishment, humans show also destructive behavior when they have to face a situation of danger. Then they fight for their survival. This is valid for real life-threatening dangers as well as for threats on the social level where the own social position or function has to be defended. So destruction can happen on a psychic level or on a physical level and it can result in hurts or death. This is all still natural.

It is also natural that individuals strive for a better position in the social community. It is a natural behavior which we can examine in the animal kingdom where fights happen to determine which member is the strongest, most experienced one, etc. to lead the group or to reproduce successfully.

In conclusion, we can say that constructive as well as destructive behavior represent a natural polarity in the behavior of beings in creation, following natural needs. As long as this polarity works in a natural frame, it is naturally good, positive and useful according to the laws of nature. But as soon as this polarity becomes extreme, going beyond natural, lawful limits, it becomes bad, ill and is a matter of disharmony, imbalance, disorder.

Imagine, you are hungry and you nourish yourself with fish and vegetables. So you go fishing and you get one fish which feeds you well. This is natural-good as it follows the laws of nature.

Now imagine the same situation. You are hungry and you go fishing. But instead of getting one fish which satisfies your hunger, you kill a whole school of fish. Certainly, you can eat only one fish and the rest will rot as you cannot use them for good. This is an extreme behavior which is not lawful and represents a disorder in your behavior and so it is bad.

A different example: Imagine that you cook food for another person. You know that one plate with food is good and enough to satisfy the hunger of this person. But you cook two plates and make him eat too much. This is also not lawful, extreme and bad. The person gets into a disharmony of weight. Here we see that too much of good is bad as well.

In conclusion, we see that it is all about keeping the balance in both aspects of the polarity of the constructive principle and the destructive principle. Balance depends always on the present situation and its conditions. So a reasonable, appropriate behavior is always the basis for natural-good and lawful results.

This was the level of needs. Now we go on. As long as humans or beings in general are in a state of health of mind, soul, body and in their social life, then also their behavior is natural and good and in a positive, healthy balance. This is the case due to the law of analogy and resonance. According to this law, bad, evil, extreme, unnatural and imbalanced behavior is an effect of a being or human in a state of imbalance, disorder, illness and additionally also if this being is immature respectively needs to develop through states of imbalance to reach balance on higher steps of maturity.

What means illness or disharmony on the level of the occult anatomy? It is in main a disorder in the energy system of mind, soul and body. This means that somewhere energy is missing or that somewhere is too much energy (problem of quantity) or that a certain energy is in a place where it does not belong (problem of quality) or that certain energetic centers or organs do not work well (problem of function) or that certain organs or centers are damaged (problem of structure). All this can easily happen as the human being is quite fragile. In the “normal” case, the individual experience a certain situation which brings him out of his inner balance. Energies are produced here which are unhealthy and unfold a blocking effect in the energy system. This leads to further effects of an insufficient supply of vital energy to certain body parts and often also an accumulation of energies in a different part. The healthy function of certain aspects of the personality and the body are not given any longer. All this is expressed in an imbalanced thinking, feeling and behavior. And this causes internal and external problems which can be called bad, ill and in parts evil.

From these basic principles all other problems start in their complexity. Here we can think about all kinds of mental disorders, hate, aggression, fears, obsessions, violence, abuse, etc. All the evil of the world starts here.

A further aspect deals with the astral parasites and mental thought forms which have a great influence on their victims. Here we come to the mystery that we human beings are real creators similar to the Divine Creator. This means, that we create mental and astral beings, thought forms and emotional beings which can unfold easily their influence on their creators. If you “produce” positive thoughts and positive feelings, then they have a positive influence on you. But if you produce negative thoughts and negative emotions with a destructive content or a content of desire, then these mental and astral forces unfold a dark influence on you and can enslave you easily. These can be “clouds” of depressions which keep you in the vicious cycle of thinking in negative ways, perceiving the world through dark glasses. But these can be also real beings, parasites, created by you and nourished by following your lower desires. “Lower desires” include all addiction like smoking, alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions, violent behavior, etc. Then you are a slave of your artificial, imbalanced needs and the parasites want to be fed. So they influence you to repeat your behavior, to produce the nourishing energies. Someone who has an addiction is no longer the king in his realm but the slave of his own creatures.

Indeed, the “bad” or evil in this case is the unconscious nourishment of the own negative mental and astral children. This leads to suffering and destruction and more imbalances in the inner and external world. Bad causes provide bad symptoms and effects.

Regarding what I have explained here, it is obvious how healing works. We simply have to clean the energy system from bad energies and blockades. We have to vitalize the system to support the self-healing processes. We have to restore the healthy function of the energy system and we have to support the system in regenerating damaged structures of organs, etc. Then also parasites can be dissolved and unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior can be consciously replaced by positive ones.

As the second last topic, we have the problem of development from immaturity to higher levels of maturity regarding mind, soul, body and especially spirituality. States of immaturity always represent forms of imbalance as something is missing. States of maturity represent a relative and temporary level of balance. So everyone goes through certain phases of life where he experiences a higher level of maturity at the end of a phase while the next phase is already waiting providing a new situation of imbalance to work through. Here you can think about the phases of life – being a baby, a small child, a child, a teenager, a young adult, a father/mother, an old person, etc. This is similar regarding the spiritual development of the soul. The states of immaturity where you face challenges and imbalances can cause problems or bad effects. A child can easily cause harm simply by lacking of understanding. And in fact, we are on a long way to learn to differentiate between good and bad. But one day, we become adults and then we can take full responsibility for our actions.

At last I want to jump again to the macrocosm and its principles. Like the action which takes place on a stage in a theatre is not a matter of coincidence and not independent from a director with his team and many other helpers, the action which takes place in creation is not independent from the hidden, higher worlds and all those who live there. In fact, there is a really big administration which maintains the function of creation and allows all the experiences to happen which we perceive as completely natural.

All those things which are happening here in the material world have their causes in the higher realms of creation and everything follows the motto “If you say A, you must say B!” This is the law of perfection, the law of completeness, the full circle, the principle of diversity. It is the principle of polarity. If there is fire, there must be also water. Regarding our topic, this means that if we have states of harmony, there must be also the possibility of experiencing states of disharmony. If there is a constructive principle, then there must be also a principle of destruction. All poles of polarity are the two sides of one unity, are complementing each other.

Now regarding the administration of creation, we simply have spirits, so-called angels who take care of the lawful, harmonic, constructive ideas and those who take care of the imbalanced, destructive, unlawful ideas. On the level of the spirit, these are just ideas and they come along with a certain purity. But these ideas can be received, taken and processed by humans and then they realize in form of good or bad behavior. It is important to understand that it is up to us to make a choice between good and bad.

We can choose happiness, abundance, harmony, vitality and health or we choose the opposite, – suffering, imbalance, diseases, slavery and destruction. Unfortunately, it takes a process of learning, of making own experiences and growing in maturity to make useful decisions.

And finally, we are born into a completely imbalanced world where we often cannot experience the natural-good state of balance from birth on but have to fight a lot for healing and balancing.

And really last but not least, I have to point at those half-truth-preachers who proclaim that everything is equal that bad is good and good is bad and that there is no difference. May they experience the darkness of their lies personally to know better!

The wise man is a master of differentiation according to the holy laws of creation. The whole spiritual development deals with the ability to separate the wheat (good) from the chaff (bad).

Know the light. Be the light. Express the light.