The A. H. Mentality

I find the A. H. Mentality somehow annoying, really bad. It is important for every spiritual student to understand this mindset and its consequences and so I want to put some light on it.

The A. H. Mentality is an “esoteric” concept with major influences not only in secret societies but also and especially for society today. It is the cause of countless problems and suffering today.

As it origins from “spiritual practice”, we have to start here in the frame of secret societies and “spiritual schools”. Let´s imagine that you are a spiritual master and the leader of an own school or secret circle where you educated students. Now you have two choices. In the positive mindset you can say “Even if students are not mature enough for certain or higher truths, I show a positive, loving, caring and guiding attitude on their individual path of development. I am like a father or older brother who takes his children or younger brothers at the hand and guides them to new experiences for growing in a safe way, offering knowledge, advice and love.” So indeed we have here the picture of the loving father who takes care of his children so that they will grow well.

The second and negative mindset deals with a certain indifference “If someone is ready, he will make progress. If he is not ready, it is his problem. If he lacks of knowledge and power, he is the prey of those who are stronger. He has to suffer as long as it takes him to become powerful. This is up to him.”

So here in the A. H. Mentality, there is no mercy, no love, no unity, no care, simply nothing positive. Indeed it sounds like Darwinism – “Only the strongest/fittest survives!” And all others are simply victims and are meant to feed the elite.

The supporters of the A. H. Mentality try to justify their attitude with ideas like “the merciless love” and that only “the chosen ones” have the natural right to receive higher initiation and that only they know what is good. “Merciless love” is the evil idea to proclaim that it is absolutely right and even also good to mistreat or exploit humans and to make some suffer to “help them growing”. It is the image of a merciless evil God, the image of the God of the Old Testament in the Bible. In reality, however, there is love, there is mercy, there is support, there is forgiveness, etc. Without all these things, life would be darker than the underworld. So in conclusion, it is nonsense, based on an evil image and understanding of God and in main simply a hollow justification for evil, ruthless behavior of a so-called elite.

Now let´s imagine that the A. H. Mentality is practiced in secret societies and most of the members experience this “merciless love” and they get conditioned by it “I had to suffer, so all others have to suffer too. I was exploited, so now I will exploit others!” Simple conditioning, simple learning of behavior. In the frame of these societies it might be more or less okay as the members have chosen this path. But the A. H. Mentality stays not limited to the secret society but is spread like poison in real life, in companies where the managers are members of the secret societies and in the real society itself. The toxic mindset is highly contagious and when you observe people and the conditions of life, you can see the A. H. Mentality everywhere at work. It is indeed the basis of our high performance society. There is no love and no mercy today in society. It is all Darwinism.

And now imagine that such “noble initiates” prepare the constitution of a whole state. And guess how society develops on such a basis? And maybe you know such a state. In fact, on such a basis society, economics, politics, science, religion, – everything is doomed while a very small elite of “initiates” follow there ideal of “merciless love” exploiting their prey for “only the noblest purposes”.

It is high time that we all get back to a positive mindset where we care for each other, where help each other to grow and to develop in a well-balanced way for the benefit of everyone.

Don´t let yourself be cheated by the evil and take a stand for positive principle, for the loving and merciful God!


PS: The shortcut A. H. is very profane and easy to understand.