Realizing the four truths

When you want to experience the abundance of wisdom, then you simply have to study the spiritual teachings of old India. The wisdom of India is complete. In all the centuries after the blossom of the Indian philosophies nothing could be added. It could only be rediscovered and in fact the “modern philosophers” often used the Indian teachings as a source of inspiration.

One of the most important servants of true spirituality in these days is Swami Nithyananda. He does great work and offers the rich and timeless teachings of Vedanta with modern tools like social media.

One very beautiful and important teaching of Advaita and with this of his lineage deals with the four truths.

The four truths are authenticity, integrity, responsibility and abundance. On the spiritual path everyone independent from his school is called to integrate and realize these ideas in his personality and life style. Only when we consciously live these truths then we live in harmony with ourselves, God and creation. Only then can we experience life in its total beauty and happiness.


Most people are not authentic in anyway today, even not in the frame of family, partner or friends and especially not in public. Due to all the negative experiences already in childhood, people learn fast to construct a kind of mask or officially accepted personality to survive. Who is allowed to be authentic today? Nearly no one. We all have to fit in certain roles which suppress who we really are. We are conditioned in many ways and not expressing, not living our true being. So indeed a big part of the spiritual journey is simply about removing the false façade, the masquerade, the artificial something and to unveil the true human being behind it, – the natural self. This is a very long way and the outer world is the worst enemy. Further on, the mask we wear has also protective purposes and a lot of wounds are hidden behind the smiling mask. So when you start to become who you are, then all the wounds, all the darkness comes to the surface and cries for healing and salvation. For this reason, the old mystics had the slogan “Clear yourself, heal yourself and spiritualize (refine) yourself!” Healing is a major topic on the path. Once you have reached authenticity, then you enjoy a deep inner peace, a wonderful harmony inside and outside and you enjoy freedom. Life feels easier as you do not have to maintain the false masquerade. It is indeed a liberation. You get into the natural flow of life. There is no resistance, only the flow. Authenticity also means to be aware of your needs and wishes and to express them, to follow them. People today suppress too much and do things which they do not want to do. So in conclusion, authenticity is of greatest value and a very important station on the spiritual path. At the same time it is the topic which takes the greatest effort and the biggest fight. But once you have it, you are reintegrated into the divine-natural order.


When you have accomplished the state of authenticity, then integrity comes naturally with it. When you are authentic then you can differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad and then you know how to behave in the right, lawful way with respect to yourself, to other humans and all beings of creation. Then you know that you cannot twist the truth for some questionable, temporary gain. People today behave often like passive victims where everything can be twisted to fit the needs of those who are in power. Good is twisted into bad, bad is twisted into good and in fact everything seems to be good as long as it fulfills and justifies the purposes. In conclusion, integrity is a natural state like authenticity and very important to enjoy a natural-lawful life in good balance.


When you have reached the state of authenticity and integrity, then you are in a state of power. You are in your personal power. Normally you waste lots of energy for the artificial masquerade and you are busy with suffering. Further on, you are not naturally-lawful connected with creation and its supply of power. But as soon as you get back into the state of the natural-divine order, then you are reconnected to the natural sources of power and you are also no longer wasting precious energies for stupid purposes. Being in power means to be able to take your responsibility for your life and those people and beings which are connected to you. And as soon as we consciously take responsibility, we even get more powerful, we become masters of our life and we can take challenges much better. A master can manage his challenges and he is strong enough to cope also with failures as he knows that this is a part of a learning and growing process. On the other hand, when you lack of power, of sufficient energy, you are not able to take real responsibility as this overburdens you easily. So in conclusion, responsibility is very important for a happy and self-determined life where you have the power to manage all your challenges. This is true for yourself as well as for taking responsibility for your beloved ones and creation.


Abundance is a natural-divine quality of nature, of creation. Deficiency is artificial and bad and leads to suffering. Our whole society is built on artificial deficiency where abundance is only experienced by a small elite. In a state of deficiency, you lack of everything, – you lack of authenticity, of power, of integrity, of self-determination, of true happiness, etc. and you are forced to work like a slave without the chance to escape. On the other hand, when you have accomplished authenticity, integrity, self-determination, etc. then you have the right basis to realize abundance, abundance for yourself and for others. Abundance belongs to the natural-divine life style. Abundance happens on all three planes – for your mind, your soul and in the material world. And here we speak not of the well-known and evil abundance which is based on the slavery system we witness today but on the right and natural idea to produce abundance in a positive way by enriching yourself and all others. It is what we call today the “win-win-system”. For true happiness and natural abundance, we all have to win and not exploit others or creation. So in conclusion, abundance is our natural birthright and for real happiness, we have to enrich each other in a positive and beautiful way.

Blessed are those who are able to realize these pillars of a righteous life style!

At last I want to express my respect, my appreciation and love for our brother of the light in India – Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The Divine Spirit sends his servants in all areas of the world to spread light, love and wisdom and to guide mature souls the spiritual path. True spirituality unites all awakened souls to one wonderful family.

A quote from Swami Nithyananda:

The prasad* of integrity is positivity.

The prasad of authenticity is the space of possibility.

The prasad of responsibility is Ishwaratva – the Leadership.

The prasad of enriching yourself and others is Enlighenment.

~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

* Prasad can be translated as blessing