Spiritual ecstasy

When you are a spiritual seeker then you probably dream about enlightenment, unity with God and experiences which go beyond your human nature. And during your spiritual training you prepare yourself for this very special moment of experiencing God, of being united with the Highest.

The old mystics called it the “Mystical wedding” of the human soul with the divine spirit. And this is what indeed happens. The divine spirit enters in the form of light the soul and floods the whole energy system. This flooding causes a great ecstasy, a state of trance, a completely different state of the mind and the soul. Limits of experience are broken, the mind is expanded and higher feelings are set free.

In Germany, we also call the state of ecstasy “Rausch” which can be understood as running water, the English “rushing”, the flooding of a system, of a body or object. So ecstasy is a rush of energy, a flooding of the own system with superior powers, energies, higher feelings and divine spirit.

And this state of ecstasy is waiting for the spiritual seeker. It is the crown of all his effort on the path but at the same time only the beginning of a new phase in his life and the start of a long spiritual journey towards a diversity of initiations and mysteries.

In main most spiritual seekers think that there is only one happening where the state of enlightenment is accomplished. But in fact there are many forms of ecstasy corresponding to the different virtues and powers of God.

The basic ecstasy is what we normally call enlightenment where the aspirant accomplishes his first and comprehensive state of unity with God. This causes major changes in his energy system, in his state of mind and his state of soul. After this, he is never the same like before. He is transformed, a god-human. He takes part in the unlimited cosmic-eternal nature and at the same time also in the limited human nature.

On this basis, there can be achieved four further main ecstasies corresponding to the four main virtues of God, – omnipotence, omniscience, all-embracing love, eternal life.  These special experiences of unity require a corresponding preparation and training. The single virtues can be experienced as well as all four virtues together in one ecstasy.

Much later in the spiritual training, the student or better said, the master can get into ecstasy with many more specific divine virtues and powers, and this also in a diversity of combinations for specific purposes.

I call this the initiation into the divine treasure chest as we unite here with all aspects of the divine nature in the most amazing forms of ecstasy.

Spiritual ecstasy is really what we all long for, what you have to taste yourself to know the meaning of total happiness and fulfillment. God makes happy beyond human understanding. And those are blessed who are allowed to experience the diversity of divine unity in ecstasy.

A very small foretaste is given for everyone by the experience of sexual ecstasy. Divine ecstasy is a divine experience and lasts as long as you want.

So when you work on your spiritual development, taking all the effort and time of practice, then know that amazing experiences of superhuman forms of ecstasy are waiting for you.

God is pure ecstasy!