Soul Mirror work / Analysis of the Personality

This is a hint for all students of our holy science. Bardon suggests to make two soul mirrors quite at the start of the training to have a basis for the refinement process, – balancing and developing your character. Bardon offers some examples so that the student is able to understand which characteristics are connected to the single four elements.

From the point of view of someone who is working in this training system for a long time there are few points to add.

Although the soul mirror work might appear already as complex and demanding it is just and only the very basis of personality analysis. For the purposes of the soul mirror work it is absolutely sufficient. But an advanced student and even more a master of the science has a much deeper understanding of the four elements, the fifth element, the fluids, etc. in the human personality. This is just a matter of practical experiences with the different energies and how they show up as qualities, powers and skills.

This means inter alia that a student who is in the step of making soul mirrors has maybe an understanding of this matter of around 30% – 50%. An advanced student or master of the first book has maybe 80% and only a real Quabbalist reaches 100% of understanding.

This means also that a student doing the soul mirrors can have a different understanding of the four elements in his personality than a master, in parts quite contrary. Only a master has a comprehensive understanding of the human being.

Just have this in mind. And certainly your understanding of yourself and others will grow naturally by undergoing the training.