The problem of freedom

When you ask people if they are free, they might answer with yes. After some minutes of reflection they would see that their type of freedom is quite limited, that freedom depends on many aspects.

I want to illustrate this problem in a very simple way. Imagine you are an electric device with a battery inside. Now, what would you say, how free are you?

Your freedom depends on the status of your battery. When your battery is fully charged you are free to function. The more your battery loses energy, the higher is the pressure to find the next socket. In fact you are depending on the power supply of the socket. Your freedom only lasts as long as your battery and this means only for a few hours and then you must recharge.

Now we come to a very relevant question. How important is the socket for you?

The socket has absolute importance for you as your life is depending on it!

This means you will do everything which is needed to keep your socket and power supply. You will go beyond ethics, beyond morals to keep your energy supply! You are completely addicted to your socket. You are enslaved!

In conclusion this means that we are all depending on a regular energy supply. Basically this starts with food and water and then goes on with social relationships, cloths, a house, a job, a place in society, etc. Indeed we have lots of essential needs.

Today we can perceive money as the number one source of energy where we all depend on.

What would you do when your money supply is in danger?

What would you do to stabilize and increase your money supply?

How far would you serve the one who supplies money to you?

These are questions for all of us and they often go beyond what is good, lawful, nice, etc.

A typical example is your relationship with your boss, – your money socket. How true, authentic, free, etc. do you behave in front of your boss? How far would you let yourself be bended in your ethics, philosophy, etc.?

And now let us think about those who seem to be in power, – the politicians, the members of secret societies, etc.

Such persons have very big power supplies from mighty sources.

Do you think they would go against their power supplies?

Do you think they can or will follow ethics, morals, the higher good?

In fact they are enslaved by the dark sides, by their direct power suppliers.

And so in conclusion it is absolutely logical that the problems of society grow as those who shall manage them simply follow the will of their power suppliers.

And this in turn means that all those people in positions of power must be cut off their secret power suppliers so that they become free to follow their original agenda, – to serve the welfare of the people.

And so it is no wonder that in former times people in positions of political power did their job because of the honor to serve and not for money. Such people were already rich and did not need another power supply. They were free to follow higher purposes.

To put it simple: You are free on the highest level when you are united with God as only God is free. On a middle level you are free when you are vital and in good health in mind, soul and body. And on the material level you are free when you have plenty of money or outside of society exactly that what you need for life. The rest is slavery and dependency in this or another way.

And at last – it is all about realizing freedom. The spiritual path leads to highest freedom.

Personal note: We live in times where these dependencies become more and more obvious especially regarding politicians, religious leaders, institutions and the members of secret societies should be aware of these things too. In secret societies there is nearly no one free as today hidden forces are in control.