Save yourself!

We human beings have often the tendency to look for someone who helps to solve our problems, who protects us or who satisfies our needs and wishes. This is an interesting phenomenon.

This pattern of behavior origins from our childhood where we just wanted to play and have fun while our parents took care of our needs and helped when we had problems. So it is very natural, even for adults. It feels simply really good when you know that someone with authority is taking care of you. It also means that you do not need to face unpleasant issues.

The problem is that when we are adults this pattern of behavior from childhood does not really work anymore. Certainly there are other people who can help you or who balance your needs but in main you are self-responsible. You must take care of yourself.

And this is the message of life: Take care of yourself!

When we examine life and the situations in life, then we can clearly see that every one of us goes through good and bad times. When you have really serious problems, then there is no angel appearing to rescue you, no Jesus is coming, no Mum or Dad and also no good fairy or whomever. You are sitting in the pitfall and in fact you have to rescue yourself. Only in the second place you can look for someone to help you but in the first place you are responsible to get out of the pitfall.

Life is based on self-responsibility!

The earlier you understand this, the better it is! We are here to grow by making experiences. And we are here to grow to mastery. Mastery in life. Mastery in creation. Mastery over ourselves.

Being a master means to be a real adult in spiritual terms.

So when you know this then it is also much easier to drop the infantile behavior of looking for someone to feed and save you, and to empower yourself, become active and go your own way.

In fact you are more powerful than you might think.

So save yourself!

And when you are proactive, on your way to mastery, then also creation will support you!

The more you develop the divine nature in you, the more support you will receive!

Become a conscious master of your life!