Some thoughts about Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a big trend today. Meanwhile we have already smartphones which offer a virtual reality headset for playing games and watching corresponding movies. Then there are the expensive headsets especially for gamers who like to be completely a part of the game.

As usual, this new development offers chances as well as certain risks. Positive is certainly that you can make great experiences in many ways which have been simply impossible so far. You can discover how it is to dive in the big ocean, meeting all kinds of underwater animals. You can experience how it is to be on the highest mountains, in the jungle, flying through the air, walking through great cities or special buildings, gardens, etc. And you can even enter situations which are completely artificially designed, worlds of phantasy. You can be whatever you want to be. This can be playful. It can be challenging. It can be part of a therapy to overcome fears, etc. And it can be a part of a training or education. You could learn things by doing, by direct experience and direct feedback. You could learn for example dancing or martial arts, etc. Everything is possible. And certainly it can and will be used in the future for spiritual training. These are very positive aspects of this new technology.

Now let´s turn to the risks. There are two main topics: Sex and horror. Virtual reality will be used for sure for artificial sexual pleasures, probably with some kind of robot or machine. Now, what happens when someone uses virtual reality for sexual satisfaction? All the mental, emotional and sexual energies which he produces, will be connected to the virtual sex partner. These energies will feed the thought form of this sex partner which can bring her or him easily into life, – as a succubus or incubus. Such beings nourish themselves from the sexual energies of the host or victim which can lead to his death by draining the energy more and more. It can also be the case that a being takes over this thought form/energy body of the artificial sex partner and gets into control of him.

Virtual reality means that something mental becomes reality, a real experience with effects on all three planes, mind, soul and body. And this can be quite dangerous.

When we think about horror movies and horror games, then we face beings of darkness and also parasites which feed themselves from lower emotions. Let´s imagine that someone has entered a horror game with his virtual reality headset. Now he is in a dark world of pure horror with monsters, zombies, killers, etc. These dark beings are attacking him from all sides and his aim is simply to survive and maybe to slaughter as many of them as possible. This is quite ugly and bloody. It is a very dark atmosphere with dark music, sound effects, visual horror, etc. producing a lot of emotions similar to a real horror situation. Here the creative powers of the gamer can easily produce corresponding thought forms and emotions which become alive easily like Bardon describes it for phantoms, etc. And because everything is experienced as totally real, the gamer is drawn more and more in such dark dimensions. He is creating in fact his own realm of horror on a mental and astral plane. And it will be hard to escape it as he has charged it with a lot of energy.

When we think here about the Amitabha training where the student creates consciously a paradise, then you can imagine the differences or the results in the end.

When we think about the fact that not only one person or two are using virtual reality for sexual satisfaction and for horror games, but quite the contrary, that thousands of teenagers(!) and adults will use it in this way, then we can expect a rise of dark beings, parasites and dark realms.

In conclusion it makes sense to use this new technology only in a positive way. But as always we will have victims which will have to face a hard challenge to get in harmony again.

However, I hope that we will have committed experts in the future which develop great programs for educational purposes and especially for spiritual training.