A major key for personality development

We human beings are put into life with a body, we haven´t consciously chosen, with a character, we haven´t chosen and problems, which we haven´t asked for. For some unknown reasons, we are what we are and we have to face the given conditions of life.

And somehow we have to deal with all the challenges of life, all these problems which we haven´t invited. When we face the problems in life, then we become aware that they are rooted in parts in the conditions of the outer world but also in our personality, in how we react. Maybe we lack of will power to achieve our goals. Maybe we are suffering from anxiety or depressions. Maybe we get too fast angry. Maybe we cannot express enough our feelings. There are countless problems which are rooted in our personality, in our nature.

For these reasons, we have the idea that a personality development in general is useful and especially, regarding the spiritual development. We simply must grow, get rid of blockades and bad traits, and develop positive powers and skills to survive life, to enjoy more happiness, success and good health.

The point is now, that this sounds logical but the realization seems to be hard, maybe impossible at all. Our mind, our intellect often knows exactly what is wrong and where the problem is rooted but we lack of the power and ability to change our nature, our setting of behavior.

Certainly there are techniques to deal with these problems but it often takes a lot of time and effort and the results may be not completely satisfying as we are dealing not with a single problem but with a complex of problems with many aspects and effects.

The second problem is that when we try to find the causes to answer the question “Why?”, we see that most roots are hidden, are unconscious, dwelling in our subconsciousness. The causes are often as complex as the symptoms and even when we find them, it might be interesting or fascinating to understand them but often the effort is just too high in relation to the results. Many problems have their roots in the past, in our childhood and even deeper in former incarnations, one or more.

In fact the whole complexity can be compared with the Gordian knot which no one was able to undo until Alexander the Great came and simply cut the knot with his sword. So a simple solution can be useful if the complexity is too great.

Besides the aspect of complexity and the other problems, there is one thing which we need to see. The human being can be in a state of relative balance according to his individual nature where he feels good, vital and so powerful that he can manage his life. Here we can say that “he is in his power”. He is centered in his power and can create his life as good as possible according to his individuality. And then we have the second case, where the person is in a state of imbalance which is causing a diversity of problems. Here he is not centered, not in his power and not able to manage his life according to his (original) individual nature. So he experiences blockades and traits which keep him from progress, from happiness and success, and making him suffer in many ways.

From this point of view, it must be simply the aim and first step to bring the individual back into his personal balance and power. And then further refinement can take place.

Now we have a fascinating tool to realize this idea. It is an aspect of the professional use of homeopathy. Here we find remedies which represent specific characteristics of a personality on all three planes. When the right remedy is found then all kinds of symptoms and problems can be regulated by it at once for mind, soul and body.

This is a great chance to get back into the state of personal power. Here the challenge is just to find the fitting remedy. But this is certainly possible and I recommend to everyone who is interested in more happiness, wellbeing and personal progress to check this opportunity, especially regarding the spiritual development.

As a professional naturopath with focus on psychotherapy, I offer this under the term Self-Development.

It is also a part of the training in our Sura Academy to accomplish positive changes for the personal refinement process in a most efficient way.