Some Thoughts about Polarity

Like Bardon says, everything is so simple. The problem is just to understand simplicity as we are conditioned to think in complex ways. The examination of the principle of polarity is a useful way to understand all kinds of phenomena which are based on it. (The whole creation is based on the principle of polarity. So it is a major key of wisdom to understand problems.)

So let us imagine the basic form of polarity consisting of a fire pole and a water pole. The space between both poles is controlled by the air element which represents a form of communication between them. This basic polarity is limited in form of a unit which is represented as a total as the earth element. So in main we still have the so-called two real elements fire and water.

Both poles are interdependent, interactive and have the natural desire to stay or to get into balance. Both poles are just different states of the one energy. So they can be transmuted into each other. Both poles are also feeding and maintaining each other.

Let´s imagine, we are Meta-Physicists and we are examining an individual earth element unit consisting of a fire pole and a water pole. The fire pole is always in the center, surrounded by the water pole as a covering layer. Both are kept on a certain distance by the air element between them. Indeed we see a so-called Volt in its natural appearance. Now we can imagine different cases with corresponding effects.

Let´s imagine that we add more fire element to the fire pole in the volt. This fuels directly also the water pole, so that both poles are in balance again. When we add more water element to the water pole then the fire pole is fueled as well. This follows the law of balance. It is a dynamic balancing process accomplished by the air element which is communicating between both poles, the regulating element. This dynamic balancing process leads to the static balance which all energies long for. Here think about the Elements of the Periodic Table and their longing for perfection, total balance regarding electrons, positrons, etc. By chemical reactions they achieve a state of balance until they are so perfect balanced in their own nature that they “don´t want” to react in a chemical way (like gold or noble gases). So in conclusion, when you nourish one pole, you nourish at the same time the other pole by the mediation of the air element with the natural aim to accomplish a state of harmony, total balance.

This is certainly also valid, when we withdraw a certain amount of energy from one pole, then the other pole is reduced in its quantity as well.

And it is valid, when we regard the quality of the energy instead of the quantity. So the degree of refinement of one pole is equal to the one of the other pole, simply because both poles are only different states of one nature, of one energy. Both poles are in a natural resonance with each other.

Now let´s imagine that we do not nourish the poles but in contrary use force and pump with pressure extra energy of one element into the volt or attack one element with the other element in a forceful way. The effect is that the original polarity will be destroyed and the former unit will be broken. Here the natural balancing of the air element cannot work because of too much force. In conclusion, here we see the difference between a natural positive process (nourishment) and the negative forceful and destructive process. The unit – earth element – is broken up, so that the individual polarity cannot work (live) any longer.

Now let´s imagine cases of disorder where the natural balancing process is blocked or the poles are not in their natural vital and positive state.

For example, one pole energy is in a bad condition. The energy is lacking of vitality. It is denser, slower, nearly dead like matter. The other pole is still vital but there is no real communication possible as both poles are no separated by the differences in frequency (vitality). The unity will break up. Here we can intervene by refreshing, vitalizing the suffering pole of energy with its vital positive type. This is similar to supplying fresh water to a muddy pool. We are raising the frequency, the degree of vitality. Another useful comparison is, when you had once warm water, now it is cold and you want to make it warm again by adding fresh hot water to it.

Now let´s imagine that the air element is blocked. In this case, there is no communication between both poles, no interaction, no balancing, no nourishing. The unit is going to fall apart.

When the air element is blocked and one pole is stronger than the other pole, then the stronger pole dominates the other one respectively the other one is the victim of the dominating pole. This is an imbalance which leads also to the destruction of the unit.

Now we come to the interaction of several units and their polarities. A unit of polarity will be attracted naturally according to the law of resonance to other units of the same nature in quantity and quality. On the other hand, units of different nature won´t feel attracted to each other and maybe will “feel” repelled or go on distance.

If there is an imbalance in a unit then it will be attracted to units which have the same problem or which have a balancing effect.

Units which are not in the optimal, perfect state, will meet other units in corresponding situations to reach the desired state by the exchange of energies. These are vitalizing, refining “meetings” as well as destructive meetings.

So these were some metaphysical, philosophical ideas on the most basical level. Let us examine these ideas in the experience of life which we all make.

In the optimal case, the human being has the same quality and power of fire and water, male and female aspects in his soul. Then he is perfectly balanced. Certainly we have a domination of fire or water according to being a man or a woman. Here we have the second level of polarity, in form of relationships. A man and a woman in love but also all the other different forms, for example of father and daughter, mother and son, sister and brother, or at work with male and female coworkers, etc. These are all relationships with interactions, communication, interdependencies, balances and imbalances.

Let´s examine a pair of lovers. Here we have two units. The man with a domination of fire and the woman with a domination of water. Both follow the power of attraction as the man feels nourished and balanced by the water element of the woman and the woman feels nourished and balanced by the fire element of the man. Both are communicating which each other. The better the communication, the more vital is the relationship and the better is the wellbeing of both poles, man and woman, of the relationship.

This pair of lovers – loving units – will have friends of the same nature which have also nourishing and balancing effects for a good level of vitality and wellbeing.

In a negative case where both partners lack of vitality and have imbalances, they will have friends of the same negative nature but also those which have balancing (healing) and refining effects on them. The positive units (friends) are probably in the minority.

If one partner or friend changes his nature, then there is no resonance any longer and the relationship breaks. A better fitting friend or partner will be searched to replace the function of the old one. (Function regarding the exchange of energies.)

If someone is contrary in his nature in relationship to a second person, then the polarity has a repelling effect which has destructive effects. This leads to conflicts and fights, sometimes to total destruction because of the incompatibility. Fire and water can nourish or extinguish each other. This is also valid for different types of fire (water) which are incompatible. For this reason, people fight.

When a person or a relationship or a society is ill, in imbalance, then it lacks of vitality, the vital balancing of polarity. This is in main a problem of the disturbed function (communication) of the air element.

A person which is not in its optimal state has a natural desire to find its balance (of polarity), – by finding the fitting partner (love) or friend or teammate or fellow, etc. In the case of spiritual search, the person looks for people who have reached already a higher state of balance and refinement, in best case a teacher. In the interaction between these units, a nourishment and transmutation takes place where the seeker reaches higher states of his own polarity until one day he is like gold.

In conclusion, you see that complex phenomena can be examined on the simple basis of the principle of polarity. Fire and water element in interaction in one or several units. On a higher level – number four instead of number two – we could also analyze the units and their relationships according to the four elements. For example, how do the four elements in the personality of a man correspond to the four elements of a woman in a loving relationship.

These are some ideas for own research. A master of metaphysics is also a master of psychology, of a deep understanding of all phenomena in the human world and in creation.