Rewiring for change

When we look at our world, at society, the human community, then we see a mountain of problems and things which are going wrong. Mankind and society are ill, seriously ill, deadly ill. But everything is maintained as it has been. There is no change, although people are suffering like hell and the angel of death is already waving its hand, waiting for the big reaping.

When a patient comes for psychotherapy, the therapist often says “You must change your way how you behave, how you perceive things. Otherwise your mental disorder gets worse. Your patterns of behavior are self-destructive. You must replace them by vital, new patterns.”

There is also a nice saying “How can you expect positive results when you keep the old pattern of dealing with things?” When we use coping strategies which do not work, then it does not bring positive results just by repeating these bad strategies.

In companies, when someone wants to bring up a change, people say “Why should we implement changes? We have done these things always the same way.” It is the classic knockout argument.

But unfortunately, people and society are conditioned that way that they behave always in the same way as change comes along with irrational fears and doubts and the need to invest effort in thinking.

And quite often people want to change when it is already too late, and a serious disease is in control or death is coming soon. People prefer suffering instead of finding solutions or changing behavior.

People are irrational. They behave like little children, hiding their eyes with their hands and believing that they are invisible, and the dark man cannot see them.

We find this behavior on the personal, human level and on the big stage of politics, economics, religion and society in general.

It is like an error in the software, in the programming.

The second, deadly error is the connection of essential, vital services and things in society with the dependency on making money and additionally the punishment with suffering when the income is too low. Dependency means slavery. When you must make a certain amount of money each month to pay back loans, to pay all your bills, to survive without suffering, then you are not free. When you have enough of everything each month without any dependencies, then you enjoy freedom and then you can make different decisions.

Let´s take an example. Imagine a healer in a “simple” society, working in his village. The healer is well-educated, knows all kinds of natural remedies and helps all people in the village. He is respected for what he does. In the “simple” village, he has a simple house for his family, a garden, etc. His patients “pay” him with food and things from the market or they help him with whatever he needs. This healer feels fine. He has no debts. He has no need to make money. He gets all he needs. He enjoys his work. It is so satisfying to follow a real sense in life, helping people. He is saturated in all aspects, nourished by society, by life itself and with this he enjoys the freedom to do exactly what he feels is right and good. And this is simply “healing people”. His personal freedom and security in life allows him to focus completely on the one thing – healing people – without the need to exploit anyone, without the need to go against his ideals. And even if the worst case happens where he loses his ability to work, he still would be supported by family and people. It is the natural and social “life insurance”.

Now, let´s take the example of a doctor in our modern society. When the doctor starts to work, he is old and in debts, – thanks to long studies. When he starts with an own practice, then he needs to take big loans for all the things he needs in his practice. This can be easily 50.000 – 100.000 Euros or even much more. This causes great pressure to make money, a good amount of money each month. Besides the debts, he needs also a lot money for a higher lifestyle with an expensive car, an expensive house, and so on. This can be seen as social pressure. All the pressure forces him to make a simple calculation. He needs per month a certain number of patients which generate a certain income level, – a minimum level for financial security and a good level to increase his wealth. Due to his education, the doctor knows that “healing of patients” is a nice ideal which is far away from the health business system in which he is simply a part of. He knows that healed patients don´t bring further money and money is what he needs in first place. Patients are today a way of producing income as all aspects of life and society are commercialized. Life today is all about money. People are in first place goods for trading, consumers and resources. Ideals, higher values, etc. are something from yesterday which are “nice” but not more. Money rules and money uses the whip to make its slaves dance. Money keeps its slaves with its artificial dependencies where no one could ever escape with exception of the super-rich people. And so the doctor feels forced to do treatments for his patients which are not dedicated to the highest good, to healing but in first place to increase income. It is the financial need to do so and it is the system which works in this way and where all behave the same way – exploiting and deceiving each other. And certainly, in such a system only a few can be the winners.

In conclusion, the doctor today is a slave of the system. He is bought by debts. He is conditioned by the materialistic system. He studied too long – wasting precious life time – and now he wants his invested time and effort back – in form of money. And if the doctor experiences his worst case, – he would lose everything, social and financial disaster without a “social-traditional life insurance”. And so we can see the differences between the healer and the doctor. The “funny” point is that the healer with his focus on healing people, is certainly thousand times more successful than the doctor with his services.

Now let us imagine that the doctor is safe regarding financial aspects. And let´s imagine that the doctor gets his practice without making any debts.  And at last, let´s imagine that the doctor is not paid for the number of patients he processes in his practice like products in an industrial warehouse but that he gets paid for the quality of his treatments. What do you think will be the result?

The doctor would feel a great and instant relief. And second, – he would enjoy true freedom, the freedom which allows him to focus on the ideal of healing people.

The situation which we experience today is the attitude “I couldn´t care less!” about others of the same society. It is the attitude of the selfish person which cares for its own wealth, success and happiness on the expense of all others. A society of egoists is meant for doom. And this is our problem today.

The original attitude which was natural-social and pro-community, pro-family, was truly the healthy basis of life itself, for the individual as well as for society.

Only when we get back to this natural-lawful family principle, we can liberate ourselves from the slavery of money, debts and the ego. Only then we can enjoy freedom and true happiness. Only then everyone can work for the higher good, for the real sense in life, in his profession.

The states today have lost their power over money. But in fact, the control of “money” must be in the hands of society, of the community as money is vital energy on the material plane. If the control lies in the hands of a few persons, then evil is at work and slavery with suffering is the result. And financial debts are something artificial. In nature, debts do not exist. Bartering is the natural concept. If someone cannot do something on his own like building a house, people simply help each other.

All the evil which is going on today, is artificial, invented and maintained by people. We do not need these things and nature forces us to return to a lawful life if we want to survive.

I have called it “rewiring” as we need to disconnect from the dark, selfish and artificial system and rewire, reconnect to the real values of life, – with the original, natural-social system.