Ideology versus reality

When I was a young teenager at the secondary school, I thought that people are open for logical arguments and with this for the best solutions for all the problems mankind must face. And so, I thought that we just need to make good research to bring mankind into a happy future. I have believed that highest ideals, good will and the measure of wisdom would be the keys to change everything to the better.

Today I am much older and completely disillusioned regarding mankind and how humans function. Due to my comprehensive studies of human psychology and spirituality, I know that humans only believe that their behavior is in parts based on rational, logical decisions but unfortunately, even this is an illusion. Humans are driven by subconscious impulses, by desires, needs, by wishful thinking, by former experiences, by opinions, by coincidences, by manipulation of others, by emotional states, by expectations, by ignoring facts which do not fit into their worldview, etc. It is in fact a wonder that humans are still alive and that humans were able to create civilizations. So at least the subconscious drives were useful enough to make all this happen. As an exception to the rule, there have been always some individuals who made fantastic inventions, who gathered knowledge, who were able to work in brilliant ways, etc. And probably, a little bit of logical thinking is active from time to time in everyone. In conclusion, all in all, it is no wonder that mankind is trying its best to commit suicide and to kill and destroy all other beings and the whole planet at once. This is human efficiency at its best.

The crown of human stupidity is the attitude of the total fool towards reality. This is in my eyes fascinating and truly amazing. Reality and with this nature or creation works perfectly as it follows embodied laws, eternal laws and principles which will never change. The human being origins from nature and embodies all the laws of nature as well. But instead of paying respect to nature and to the laws, the human being is not interested in studying and following them for its benefit and the benefit of all beings. The human believes that it is smarter than nature, smarter than all laws and with this smarter than reality. And because the human is so superior smart, it develops own phantasies with wishful thinking and really believes that nature will change itself to fit into these ideas. What a fool, what an idiot the human being is! How presumptuous, immature and arrogant it is! What a shame for creation! What a pain and disaster for all living beings!

This irrational, mental dwarf develops with proud all kinds of illusionary ideologies, believing that they are thousand times better than nature with its eternal laws. And with the unlimited energy of a child, the fool forces other humans and nature into these ideological straitjackets which cause only pain and suffering, mental disorders and physical diseases, and collapsing societies in the end. So much suffering for realizing the insane ideas of a proud fool! And when everything is destroyed, the people start again to use their brains, to think on their own, to follow their hearts and intuition. When all is destroyed, people remember their roots in nature and that they are a part of it. Then the true and eternal values are praised again, giving orientation in life, bringing happiness and prosperity to everyone.

And all is fine until the next idiot develops a new ideology to spit on reality.

It is more than important to understand that each and every ideology means suffering and death in the end as no one is able to change reality, to change the laws of nature. Humans can be perverted, can be manipulated but there is no good in it. Reality is truth and truth will survive always while ideologies will die automatically after a certain period of time.

We humans have only two choices: Going against nature and paying a high price or paying respect and following the laws of nature which offers happiness and the participating in the divine-natural abundance.

It is certainly an individual choice with consequences for all of us.