The sleeping evil

In religious teachings we can often find not only nice or good messages but also really evil parts. People, who have an emphasize on the emotional level with a tendency to neglect the intellect, easily forget about the evil aspects and just take what they feel is nice. And so they are good sheep, good followers. But ignoring the evil does not help as there are other followers who will pick out the evil teachings to use them for their selfish purposes. And then, the good followers will suffer. So, the point is that we cannot simply ignore the evil but that we are called to face it and to cut it out of the religious teachings like cancer.

Good is always good. Evil is always evil. This is independent from religion, time, culture, persons, etc.

People make a lot of mistakes. And one mistake is to say “He is a good person, so we must ignore the evil he does.”

The Lords of Karma do not care about title, position, façade, smiling faces, etc. They judge about your good and bad deeds. And so must we do.

And something we all need to understand: We do not fail for all the good characteristics and skills we have. We always fail for the bad characteristics, for our mistakes, evil behavior, for all our deficiencies. People are good in ignoring the evil and when they fall, they complain because they see only their good aspects. Indeed, quite often they are shocked “How could this ever happen to me? I am such a good guy!”

Karma does not know mercy. We have to pay for all what we do and for all what we ignore.