Quality and Quantity for charging

The differentiation between quality and power (quantity) is a key of wisdom which the magician needs to understand and to use in all his operations.

Let´s take a simple example. You charge your room with vital energy. Vital energy is power, power with natural qualities but so far without a specific program (quality). The charged room will have natural effects on those people who dwell there. It will automatically increase their personal level of energy and with this it will support their performance. It will also support self-healing processes.

In conclusion, power has effects. This is normal and natural. And power will follow the laws of nature. This is physics or metaphysics. In the example, it means that the vital energy will be used up respectively will vanish automatically after some time.

Now, let´s go back to the charged room. The room contains the power and now you can give it a desirable quality or program. You can impress the quality of freshness for example. It is the idea that the vital energy has a slightly cooling, refreshing effect on the people in the room. Additionally, you can program it to stay in the room over a certain period of time, etc. Optional, you could also program the vital energy to activate and support all self-healing processes for people in the room. Or you can add a flavor of the air element, so that all people in the room feel light and easy. There are countless possibilities.

In conclusion, you have the power (quantity) and you give it a useful quality (program/sense/purpose). The quality itself has no power and for this reason I like to call it “to give the energy a flavor”. Quality itself has no real substance. Quality is more like an idea, a painting, a flavor, a slight change, an imprint. Without quality, power does nothing. It just exists. So, quality sets power into motion. Quality gives sense to power. It is comparable to the mind or spirit which controls the physical body and sets it into motion. Spirit controls power.

This is important to understand. And it is also important to understand that a quality or an idea needs power for realization. For example, it is nice to have the idea of balance, but you need the air element to cause balance in your soul.

Now, let´s us look at the process. First of all, you have an idea which you want to realize. So it all starts with the quality, the idea from the Akasha plane. This idea sets you into motion. So, you make a plan for your magical operation and in the normal case you charge the object first with power and then you program it.

Indeed, you have two possibilities. You can apply first the power and then the quality. Or you take the quality and nourish it with power. Practically seen, it is easier to apply first the power and then to take your time to imprint the quality and the program. It is easier when you have already a “substance”, power which you can modulate by imagination, will power and meditation. It is also the way, we use in normal life for cooking, for arts, etc. You prepare a meal, and, in the end, you add spices, salt, pepper, etc. It would be quite unusual to start with spices and then add vegetables, meat, etc. to it.

In conclusion, it feels natural to start with the bigger or grosser parts and end with the finer and finest parts. So first quantity and the quality.

When we want to start with a quality and then add power to it, it seems to be more demanding or maybe limited for application. Here we can imagine having a balloon (quality) which is inflated by power. This might work more or less well for one-dimensional qualities but could become difficult for complex qualities.

In the quabbalistic work, the letters are spoken in quality and quantity at the same time. Adjustments for both can be done afterwards directly. The power can be increased by repeating the letters or by accumulation. The quality is set by intention already but can be improved too.

In the quabbalistic practice, we have a special case regarding the formulas or names of the deities of the Mercury sphere. Their names ad divided in a formula of power and a formula which expresses their virtues. The formula of power produces pure power without specific qualities while the quality formula produces pure virtues without real power. Now, it is possible to work with both formulas independently for research, etc. But if the Quabbalist wants to evoke the whole nature of a Mercury deity, then both formulas must be used. Here again, it makes sense to apply first the quantity formula and then to add the virtues.

In conclusion, it makes sense to understand these things and to meditate about them for a good and successful practice. There are still plenty of people who try to work only with qualities, wondering why it is so hard or impossible to realize them while others think that it is enough to work with the powers and that something good will happen automatically. For the student it is very useful and important to add qualities, sense and programs to the work with all energies to push the own refinement and empowerment.