Reminder for the mystical practice

The normal training can offer satisfaction like regular fitness training. You have done your exercises and you feel good about your discipline and workout. In best case, you enjoy progress, breakthroughs and new experiences. This is all good and necessary.

But really satisfying is the mystical practice where you experience happiness, moments of divine unity, great inspiration and wonderful feelings. This is the essence. This is what is all about, – the ecstasy in God, in the divine virtues, feeling high, uplifted.

The whole magical training is one aspect to reach mastery in all kinds of skills but in the other aspect it is supposed to help you experiencing God in all states of ecstasy and wonder.

Unfortunately, it is easy to forget these things and to focus only on the “hard” magical training, neglecting the great, mystical experiences. Life in general is too focused on these everyday duties and routines. It has dulling effects and we need consciously to go against this, to color our grey life and make it wonderful.

I wish everyone to see all the wonders, the beauty and the mysteries again in life, in your beloved ones, in creation and to unite with God in ecstasy. It is so crucial for us, for spiritual people, for everyone. It has great vitalizing effects. Otherwise we live like machines.